2019: a Year of Hupsélos

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve 🙂 It’s the last 2018 post for Anomalous Darlings and of course, I couldn’t break the tradition and leave this year without declaring a theme for 2019 as I’ve done the last two years (2017 and 2018)…

2019: A Year of Hupsélos…No Baggage

I mentioned the word, hupsélos a while back, which essentially means ‘higher thoughts’. Although we have all grown in our individual walks with God, there are always higher levels that we should aim for. There is nothing and no one that can stop us from becoming closer to and more confident in God except for ourselves and our baggage.

Ephesians 6:10-18 talks about the armor of spiritual warfare and how our battles are fought spiritually, not carnally. It’s amazing how the scriptures cover everything, the belt of truth, helmet of salvation and even alert feet, yet it fails to mention anything about a sack for future cares or past mistakes.

As soldiers in God’s army, despite Him promising to fight our battles while we remain at peace, Exodus 14:14 and Jesus winning everything by death, we still have to be properly equipped. We can’t carry the breastplate of righteousness in one hand and a book of all the wrongs we’ve ever committed in the other! It’s a one or the other and being emotionally and spiritually drained by the baggage we’ve accrued from life, impeding our ability to armor up in God, makes us sitting targets for Satan.

I can admit to the baggage that I’ve been carrying around over the years and see how it has obstructed my relationship to God. Everything from silly nuisances like faulting my babysitter for arousing a love for butter, salt and sugar in me to the more sombering events that never bode well for me to rehearse them.

It’s unrealistic to think that all the baggage in our lives is going to magically fall off of us at the stroke of 12:01, but it could be the finality that one must experience before deciding to make a change.

As you pack your bags, for your one-way ticket into 2019, I pray that you will take lessons and not regrets from 2018. Wisdom from life is much lighter to carry than the failures of it! And what’s even better is that God is happy to help us in any shape, form or fashion, so long as we ask for it…

Have a blessed and safe New Year!

Until Next Year,

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