Flow to Me

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I have always been fascinated by free-flowing rivers! The two questions I can never answer are “Where does the flow begin?” and consequently, “Where does the flow begin?” Any theories for me to contemplate are welcome…

God’s grace, Jesus’ love and the Holy Spirit’s guidance are just like that! We can never outrun them or under appreciate them, they are forever available to us in abundant supply. Like a brimming tree planted by the waters, so are when we fasten to His living waters, Jeremiah 17:8.

I’m challenging you to wake up this week saying, “Jesus, whatever grace, mercy, strength or wisdom I need to be successful on this beautiful day, let it flow to me!”

Until Thursday, praying for overflows…





Happy Valentine’s Week!

Serenity. Eight letters. One meaning. In the above picture “serenity” is written 9 times, in 9 different colors and fonts. Does that change the meaning of the word?

The correct answer is no, although for art fanatics, the argument of color connotations could be made. But I digress, my serenity during the Christmas break is much different than the serenity I am experiencing (or at least attempting to 🙂 now. Life is all about seasons and what makes Jesus so amazing and relatable is this: He has gone through all of life’s seasons and is more than willing to be our comfort, peace and tour guide as we navigate through them.

I’ve mentioned this before (or at least I think I did!), that God is One of excellence and authenticity! He doesn’t recycle ideas or plans for His children’s lives. Each and everyone of us having a gift or calling that is unique to us and us only. We get fresh grace and mercy every morning, not because God just wants something to do, but because He knows that both our needs yesterday and tomorrow will be different than what we are facing today.

Have serenity in the fact you are Jesus’ Valentine all year long and His love is always changing forms, in order to better serve us!

Until Thursday





This is a microscopic picture of Bacillus subtilis, a species of bacteria under 1000x magnification. I’m taking Microbiology, this semester which roughly translates as the following: the study of all the little things you can’t see, but have the potential to kill you. I also must be double majoring in Busiology as my days aren’t getting any longer, but the list of commitments are on their own clock.
Antibiotics are naturally produced in nature by bacteria, as a tool to eradicate other competing bacteria. We then, subsequently harness those antibiotics and capsulate (or liquefy) them in order to ingest when we are battling bacterial infections or diseases.


Although bacteria, have significantly less things to worry about than us, they sure have developed an efficient way of removing people and objects from their lives that do not benefit them. What if we took a cue from our little microscopic friends and started thinking positive thoughts that would suffocate negative ones?

Negative thought:
I can’t juggle all of these obligations, something is bound to fail.


Antinegative thought:
I can’t wait to see how grace propels me to accomplish everything that is before me.
You see, positivity and negativity are like people that can’t coexist in the same neighborhood, especially our neighborhoods of mentality.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend and an abundance of optimism!


Until Sunday,


Till I Talk to You

Till I Talk to You

I’ll make this quick as I know many of you are either preparing for your Super Bowl festivities or already engaging in them!

It is no secret that life for me has been a bit of roller coaster lately! There are a few things that I’ve been trying to entrust into Jesus’ hands one minute, yet find myself picking it right back up the very next minute. I was pondering that this morning while I was talking to Him…

Until I talk to you
I’m still carrying it around
Until I talk to you
My thoughts aren’t getting off the ground
Until I talk to you
I keep placing pieces in all the wrong places
Until I talk to you
I don’t have any peace

Til we have that one on one conversation with Jesus about our struggles and fears, then we will continue to go round and round, spinning our wells with all our might, but in vain. And the amazing thing about God is that, He already knows what we are going to say before we even do, so we can go to Him without shame or apprehension!

Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely.” -Psalm 139:4 NIV

Now that is what I call a touchdown! 🙂

Until Thursday,




Happy February 1st!

At this point, you’ve probably tripped up on a few of your goals. Skipped that gym session…ate that cupcake…said that negative word…[insert anything applicable].

And yes, I’ve done all of the above, if you’re wondering! One thing I love about Jesus is that He loves me, graces me and chases me. He cherishes me even when life tells me I’m unlovable. He favors me even when the world says I’m last pick. He runs me down even when I try to run away.

Just as a baby slowly, through the years, mature into an adult, do we. Even Jesus, in the flesh went through the phases of life. If we could become perfect overnight, then we wouldn’t have new mercy every morning. If we could fix all our problems, then we wouldn’t have a need for God.

Wherever you are right now, is right where you need to be! Progressing piece by piece to perfection.

Until Sunday,


You & Me

You & Me

“Sometimes, I need to remember who loves my soul. When the dust settles all need is You & Me time.”

You, as in Jesus. Me, as in you.

There are a lot of moving parts in my life right now! At times, it can feel like I am being pulled into many different directions, as everyone is wanting a piece of my time, effort, attention etc. This week has definitely been one of those weeks, but I am reminded of one person who asks nothing of me. Jesus. He didn’t request payment for trading places with me on the Cross. He didn’t count up all the breaths God has given me and then ask for reimbursement.

When we reflect on life, you’ll see that everyone is requiring something from us, parents, siblings, friends, spouses, employers, instructors etc. Even still, through the chaos and stress of having multiple hands out, we deliver. Yet, how many times do we give Jesus contemplation, love and adoration?

This week, my prayer is that we will return the love of the person who never asked to be loved, and make time for the one, who first made time for us.

Until Thursday,


Beating Hearts

Beating Hearts.jpg

God laid this poem on my heart and I am just sharing it with you. I also have to credit my little sister for lending her superb drawing and penmanship skills!
This is not for any race, black or white
This is not for any socioeconomic status, rich or poor
This is not for any of the subgroup labels
That seek to divide
Tearing us apart
This is for all of those with beating hearts
Did Adam know that his failure to communicate with Eve would lead to the deaths of two men, one as a direct consequence, his son, Abel and the other as the antidote, his Savior, Jesus?
Did Christopher Columbus know that his alleged “discovery” would displace, destroy and devastate innocent Native Americans?
Did slave owners know that the erections of the house/field negro complexes and slave mentalities would reincarnate years after slavery’s end?
Did Hitler know that the ramifications of his despicable actions would be felt in waves for years to come?
Did Madalyn Murray O’Hair know that her personal crusade against Christianity would forever turn the tides of education?
Does Donald Trump know that he will forever be ingrained in history, his legacy hinging upon who is writing the textbooks?
Do you know that the power to change lies within you? Your prayers, for both enemies and friends. Your love, for both those deserving and undeserving. Your stance, unwavering for no one and nothing.
You see people have impacted the world in ways they could never have fathomed. They weren’t special bionic prodigies. Just ordinary, everyday people who whether for better or worse, rung the bell of effect, of which you and I are still reeling from the resulting, rippling sound waves.
Don’t tell me about the latest march or request for rights.
Don’t tell me what bill Congress is trying to pass.
Don’t tell me who the most humanitarian athlete of the year is.
Don’t tell me that the world is hopelessly broken.
Don’t tell me how your life is worthless, having no purpose.
Tell me who are praying for, enemies…strangers…loved ones?
Tell me which of your goals are going involve people you’ve never laid eyes on.
Tell me what the future looks like with you in it.
Tell me how you are going to impact the world for good.
Tell me why God picked you, planted you on this earth and continues to give Your heart another beat.
Until Sunday,

Numbered Days

Numbered Days

A few days ago, God and I were contemplating life when He said, “You know your days are numbered, right? There’s not a infinite number of days on the earth, remember that.”

Psalm 139:16 from The Message Bible reads as follow: “Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth; all the stages of my life were spread out before you, The days of my life all prepared before I’d even lived one day.”

Instead of fearing the inevitable death, we can feel invincible life. Whether you are consciously counting or not, the days are ticking down. Good days. Bad days. Happy days. Sad days. They’re all collectively part of your already assigned days! We’re not getting any more time, people and there’s never going to be a better time than now.

I trust that you will have a wonderful week, not because everything will go right (which if it does, great), but because your perspective on life is one that is timeless and on a higher level…above this world!

Until Thursday,


Dream Higher

Dream Higher.jpg

For those of you who may not like to read, this post is going to make you happy. The drawback? You are going to have to think a bit!

  1. Take a moment to envision your idyllic life? Where is it? Who is involved?
  2. Now try to think of a life greater than your idyllic life?

Were you able to successfully imagine it or was your attempt at a greater idyllic life from question 2 just a more elaborate vision of your idyllic life from question 1? Chances are your second undertaking was probably more of the latter.

While writing this post, God said “dream higher” laying Isaiah 55:8-9 and Ephesians 3:20 on my heart. From those verses we know that God’s thoughts are higher and that He is able to do infinitely more than our wildest dreams could ever conceive.

I keep my promises, so this is my closing statements (in case you didn’t notice). If you are living your best life…dream higher. If you are unsure about God’s plans for you…dream higher. Whatever state you are in, go higher, because that is where God is and where God is, even your wildest dreams seem underwhelming!

Until Sunday,


Too Well

Too Well.jpg

In a competition against someone, chances are not probable that you will choose a game/sport that you have never played or know nothing about! You’re going to choose something of familiarity…something that you know the ins and outs of, with your eyes closed.

Our adversary, Satan is no different. When he plans he attack against us, he doesn’t employ love, truth or kindness, his weapons of choice are worry, fear and anxiety. He is excellent at hitting us where it hurts, giving us a virtual theatre to play out our worst fears. “You’ll never make it, and when you don’t, this how your life will fall apart.” & “You’re irretrievably broken, look at all the times you have had a ‘fresh start’” to name a few. These visions of demise are always so vivid and real, putting 2 Corinthians 5:7 NIV to the absolute test.

Satan is great at imposing stress and insecurity into our lives, because he knows the feeling all too well. His endgame of disintegration is just about as cemented as Lot’s wife and the layers of sediment on the ocean’s floors. He’s been nervous about how rough his end is going to be since he was promptly ejected out of heaven, which if it’s anything like Romans 16:20 MSG says (“… the God of peace will come down on Satan with both feet, stomping him into the dirt.”), then he has ample grounds to be worried! Like most villains, Satan wasn’t evil from the beginning. He was actually an angel that dwelled with and worshipped God, until one day he became unsure of his identity and bumped his head on an evil ego rock, knocking him unconscious. When Lucifer woke a few hours later, he declared to himself, “I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High”, Isaiah 14:14 NIV and the rest is history.

If you go read Isaiah 14, it won’t read about Satan being knocked unconscious, I just applied my own embellishments on how he went from riches to rags, for personal understanding. At any rate, dissecting Satan into the feeble, fearful failure that he is, helps us to decrease him in our eyes and increase Jesus in our spirits.

Now, in light of all that, do we even have an enemy or it is just the shadow of a stuffed animal?

Until Thursday,