Greater Love

“Speak blessing, not cursing, over those who reject and persecute you” – Romans 12:14 TPT

This time next week will be January 3rd, 2019 and I cannot believe it! As this year draws to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the lessons I’ve gained from 2018.

Out of all of the things I learned, one thing, in particular, stands out. And that’s choosing to live life with a Greater Love. It’s praying for people when they’ve clearly cheated you. It’s being kind to those who have no regard for your feelings. It’s taking the road of love above revenge and getting even. 2018 has taught me to give grace and love to those who seem abrasive. I’m still a baby, clumsily trying to walk on the waters of a Greater Love in my daily life, but at least I am conscious of it and trying.

Honestly, those are two of the most important components to obtaining any skill or progress…conscientiousness & attempts. You’ve got to be aware of the problem and willing to strive for rectification. And that applies to anything and everything in life, not just walking in love with your fellow earth inhabitants 🙂

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

Until Sunday

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