Who I Am

A Smidge About Me

Hello to all and welcome to Anomalous Darlings. I’m V, short for Vivian, and I am almost your average teenager. I enjoy reading, writing, baking, shopping, applying lipstick and spending time with my family. My favorite scripture is Matthew 28:20, because it is rejuvenating to know that God’s presence will forever be with me. I could eat pizza and cupcakes everyday for the rest of my life, and be extremely happy. I am a sarcastic, but loving person, with a love for life, an amazing family, and a passion for Christ.

Why I started Anomalous Darlings

Throughout my life as a Christian teen and young adult there has been a shortage of reliable, relatable, and realistic information on navigating life as a Christian in such tumultuous times. People often say “Dare to be different, and unique.”, but it is easier said than done. Being different isn’t always the popular option, especially for teenagers. Peer pressure is real thing that occurs often, and it takes confidence in your God-given identity to not stray from your beliefs. Through the years, my faith and morals have been tested as I interacted with people of various faiths, and perspectives, that were different than mine. Everyone says they are different and unique, but few are willing to walk the walk they are talking. Are you willing to sit alone and not follow the crowd whose actions compromise your faith? Are you willing to say “No, that’s not right” and walk away from a best friend who is asking you to do wrong? I’ve asked and faced these questions many times, as I know other teens have as well. The world uses trends and popularity to perpetuate a sense of belonging. But, as Christians we find our identity in Christ Jesus. How many Christian teens have compromised, made bad choices or maybe even died, because they felt they were all alone in their walk of faith?

I was one of those Christian teens, who felt lonely in a big, big, world. As I faced trials and tribulations, it was hard to press on when all I had was my parents reminding me of God’s word. It was like they were so distant, and out of touch with my struggles. They were sympathetic, but not empathetic as they couldn’t relate to me, like another Christian teen could have. I know the feeling of walking down an unknown path with God spiritually, but nobody physically. And I am positive you have too.

My experiences ultimately inspired Anomalous Darlings, as I realized that like in 1 Peter 5:9, I wasn’t the only Christian teen struggling to stay anchored in God’s word. I wasn’t the only one, trying to navigate my life, as I was bombarded with mainstream messages, peer pressure, and spiritual warfare. And thus, that is where Anomalous Darlings comes from, my desire to spread the word of salvation through Christ, speak of God’s glory, and ultimately provide the support to others, that I couldn’t find myself.

Different. Unique. Me. & definitely YOU.


2 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. Ellison August 27, 2017 / 8:43 pm

    Hey keep up the great work!!

    • Anomalous Darlings August 29, 2017 / 3:35 pm

      Hey girly! Thanks for the support, you & J along my family had such a pivotal role in pushing me to do AD!

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