Paddle Ball Faith


Last week I got an acceptance letter. This week I got an rejection letter.

The odd thing is that both programs were in conjunction with each other, so I was sure that my acceptance into one, sealed the deal for the other. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was crushed. In my heart I knew that God had great plans for me, but getting my mind back to that state of believing was another story.

I have never liked Paddle Balls, as I always saw them as a gruesome danger. Visions of me blacking my eyes or those of the people around me were constantly on my mind! I could never grasp how a thin string of elastic rubber could have such control over a ball that is much bigger and heavier.

Our faith is like that little elastic rubber string. It doesn’t look like much and sometimes it doesn’t feel like much either. We are like that big ball out of control, in which that rubber elastic steadies us. The paddle, of which the string is attached and the ball returns to, is God.

Circumstances in life can be rough and often in those hard moments it looks like we are completely unhinged and vulnerable to Satan. But the truth is that we are rooted and grounded in love. A love that never fails, 1 Corinthians 13. Maybe you are up against unfavorable conditions or rejection that are making you feel unloved and frustrated. But in those moments we know that God is close and His love goes deeper than any trial we could ever face.

I don’t know what challenges you are facing, but I promise that you can bounce back from them…if I can…you can!

Until Thursday,




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