Out of Place


What do you mean those three paper clips aren’t the same? They are all the same size. They are all paperclips. They are all bent in the correct fashion to be used. Oh, I see, I see. It’s the middle paper clip that is a little off…it’s blue!

The society we live in is just like those paper clips, in which at first glance we all look the same. We have hair, eyes, limbs, teeth, voices etc. However, upon closer inspection we find out that we are all definitely not the exact same, from different hair colors, to different voice pitches. But that doesn’t stop the media from perpetuating images of what we should look like. It is like the blue paper clip saying, “I need to be silver, because everyone else around me is.” Trying to apply a silver coating on that blue paper clip would be an absolute mess, as it was not designed to be that color.

We are all like that blue paper clip in ways, whether it be a different perspectives, interests, hobbies etc. God handcrafted us all and made no mistakes in the process. But that doesn’t stop magazines and trends from making us feel out of place. So, we conjure up a great plan to blend in with what is popular and then life will perfect. SURPRISE! Those plans never work! The harder we try to fit in, the more we fit out. Just like that blue paper clip trying desperately to be silver. He was never created to be silver, so all of his attempts to be silver will be in vain.

Everything about you is intentional…there are no accidents with God and He knew exactly what He was doing when He created you. You don’t have to find your place, because you were born into a place, where only you can fit.

Why try to fit in someone else’s place, when your place is already a perfect match?

Until Sunday,


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