Being Happy for Others


Wow, this is AD’s last post for January! Piggybacking off of Enemy or Ally from last Thursday, I want to talk about rejoicing in others’ happiness.

Comparing ourselves to each other is probably the quickest and easiest way to doubt God and faint before our harvest comes. It can be hard to watch peers ace exams, co-workers climb the corporate ladder, neighbors renovate their homes or obtain whatever else we have been praying for, but have yet to see. We often ask God, “What am I doing wrong? Why haven’t you moved in my life, like so and so?” Chances are you aren’t doing anything wrong and that the absence of answered prayers is just the confirmation of faith still working.

Romans 12:15 (MSG) says, “…Laugh with your happy friends when they’re happy…”, in which a financial or healing breakthrough for one Christian, is a breakthrough for all of us. When the promises are fulfilled in one person’s life, it shows that God is still in the business of doing great things, despite rumors that He is filing for bankruptcy!

It takes a trusting and patient heart to rejoice with others, while we wait for our prayers to be answered. God is not holding grudges or ill-will against us…it’s just His perfect timing.

So if you are still waiting for God’s promises and watching others receive theirs’ remember: you aren’t forgotten…just next in line!

Until Thursday,


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