It & You

Hope you and your family had a fantastic Father’s Day!<3

Our minds are not good stewards over themselves. Left as the sole caretaker of our thoughts, emotions and feelings…it performs poorly every single time!

“I carry it and I care for you.” -God

There is “it” and then there is “you”. “It”, is the problem/challenge you are facing, a temporary irritant. Whereas “you”, is the spirit within, the dimension of you that will live forever in Heaven. Since we can’t identify God with our physical sense, it is easy to forget that He cares about our earthly existence and well-being, just as much as our eternal.

Whether you are struggling with an “it”, “you” or both, know that God is heavily invested in all that you are and is with you until the end of time and beyond!

Until Thursday,

Your River

Why am I thirsty for things that You are plentiful in, for Your River, God is overflowing?

Your River.
It flows through and to me

Your River.
It surrounds and engulfs me

Your River.
It moves and destroys obstacles for me.

Your River.
It cools and sustains me.

Your River.
It’s never-ending and available to me.

Your River.
It leads and guides me.

Your River.
It calms and stills me.

“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for You, O God.” -Psalm 42:2 TLV

We all have innate desires in life, that only God can fulfill. The true test is running to Him and not the empty fillers of this world…

Until Thursday,

Quiet Time

I am somewhere between being a busybody and an intellectual junkie! Although there are benefits to seeking intellectual challenges and mentally-stimulating activities, there must be a balance. Spoiler alert: I haven’t found it yet, but everyday I know that I am getting closer 🙂

Today, God told me that I need more “quiet time”, time that I am not contemplating life, planning my life 10 years from now or doing any other mentally-draining activity.

We all have counterproductive habits that sometimes seem impossible to kick. However, whatever those weaknesses may be (mental/overthinking, physical/under exercising), you can be confident of two things:

  1. Jesus experienced the same struggle and was successful as a man (Hebrews 4:15)
  2. God is more than willing to supply wisdom and advice, when you ask (James 1:5)

Here’s the good news, you already have the victory and dominion over your bad habits! The process of changing them won’t be easy, but you can find comfort in knowing that you win in the end!

Until Sunday,

With Kindness

If you want to know anything about me…ask God and my mother! Those two together, know me better than I know myself!

Apart from loving me unconditionally, I am grateful for how God convicts in the spirit and my mother corrects in the natural, both with kindness. The old saying is true…it’s not what you say, but how you say it!

Satan likes to paint mental pictures where constructive criticism towards us is perceived as a threat to our worth. And in moments, when we are hearing things from The Holy Spirit and/or our loved ones that we would prefer not to hear, it’s easy to mistake Satan’s counterfeits as authentic.

God always operates through grace, not spiritual condemnation and our loved ones (most of them) have sincere intentions!

Until Sunday,


Spring time must be ‘forgiveness time’ because I wrote about forgiveness around this time last year too! 70×7= 490…The number of times we are supposed to (daily) forgive those who offend us according to Matthew 18:21-22.

I am so thankful for the new mercy and fresh forgiveness that God bestows upon me every morning. Fathoming the thought of having only 490 second chances in life is harrowing. With 365 days in a year, I would have never even made it to my teens!

From our hearts, forgiveness should be a open highway with no traffic jams or accidents. We must consistently and intentionally eliminate offense, from both external and internal sources, leaving no room for Satan to promote resentment. Unforgiveness whether it is directed inwardly or outwardly imprisons us, letting the regret/pain go is a win-win situation, with no losers!

Until Thursday,

Happy Mother’s Day to you and/or your mother! Hope it was a special day!

XYZ Days

On the great days and iffy days, Jesus is consistent. Despite my best efforts, I always fail to obtain and maintain stability in this life. As soon as I get close, it seems to slip through my fingers and I am left with the one thing that remains…Jesus.

“Jesus, the Anointed One, is always the same—yesterday, today, and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8 TPT

Today, tonight and tomorrow, Jesus’ priority is us and our well-being! You can be confident that he is fully dedicated and heavily invested to you (blood, sweat and tears)!

Until Thursday,

Not a Fixer

I am the oldest of three with 10 years between my sister and I, and 3 years between my brother and I. Since, I don’t have an older sibling, I’ve always tried to be the big sister who keeps my younger siblings from harm’s way and teach them the hard lessons that I had to learn. Although, my intentions are always good, my executions are sometimes…abrasive. The love I have for them is often lost in my misguided attempts to “advise” them.

“Meet people where they are and do not attempt to remake them or “help them” but love them and allow Me to work through that love.” -God

I prayed about my conduct and that is what God revealed to me. Essentially, it is not my job to do the refining, but His. We all have someone (or someones) that we care for deeply and want God’s absolute best for them, but we cannot do for others the very things that we cannot do for ourselves. I didn’t remake myself, God did, so I can’t remake my siblings. You didn’t save yourself, Jesus did, so you can’t save your loved one(s).

Now, there is a thin line between a) loving and praying for them and b) loving and enabling them! For example, my siblings are candy addicts, so buying them a jumbo bag of lollipops would be enabling them. However, if they received candy at school, it would be better to pray that God (not me) would remind them that their bodies are the temple.

The beauty about trusting God with our loved ones is that He loves them exponentially more than we do and has an intimate knowledge of them that we don’t. We can be confident that they are in marvelous hands…the Hands of their Creator.

Until Sunday,


Hope you are your family had a wonderful Easter!

I wonder what Jesus was thinking when his spirit reunited with his body in the tomb? Relief that it was over? Hopeful that we would appreciate his sacrifice?

The daily trials that we face are in no comparison to the pain, humiliation and anguish that Jesus was subjected to for our sins. You haven’t resisted until blood begin to leak from your pores, but you probably have cried from the pressure. You didn’t carry a heavy cross, being tortured the entire way, but you probably have climbed mountains, with doubts swimming around down below. Nevertheless, we can still model our abilities to push through tribulations after Jesus’ unrelenting love for us.

Jesus rose again…walked again…loved again…prayed again. Those are the only four things that God asks of every day, to raise up with smiles on our faces, walk with proud in our steps, love Him and our neighbors and to pray continuously.

Every morning you get have the chance to awake and abandon the tombs that attempt to destroy you. If Jesus could do it, so can you J!

Until Thursday,

happy days

“This is the day the Eternal God has made; let us celebrate and be happy today.” -Psalm 118:24

GOOD NEWS: Happy days are ahead today, tomorrow and evermore!

There’s an old saying about how the sun is always shining, above and behind the clouds. You may be experiencing rain, snow or hail with cloudy skies, but through all of that, you can be sure that the sun is near!

Some days the sun shines bright for you and on other days, you have to go searching for it. Nevertheless, a daily amount of sunshine joy awaits you.

May we find an internal bright bliss this week that is undeterred and unaffected by the external factors of our lives!

Until Thursday,

come to myself

“When I come to myself, I realize that mistakes are lessons learned, and I move on.”

Featuring words of wisdom from my little (not anymore!) brother, who will be turning 16 on Wednesday! My family members are some of the best teachers and therapists in life, because all four of them have different personalities and perceptions.

It is amazing how God gifts us with family and friends who are different than us, to expand us. I am constantly pushed to grow internally and externally through my daily interactions with humanity and suspect that you are too, even if you aren’t consciously aware of it!

We are all on this journey of God perfecting us, one day at a time and we are all learning from each other!

Until Thursday,