The end of the year is so cathartic for me! It’s been a whirlwind year…I’ve lived, learned, laughed and most of all, loved!

Life is like an elaborate puzzle! Your parents start off by building the frame, setting the foundation of your life with God, Love and Family, using all the end pieces to structure it, nailing them down. As you age and grow, their influence wanes and yours increases. You could choose to pull up the foundation and start from scratch or continue building from what they started. Career plans based on salaries, superficial friends and the pursuit of perfect happiness begin to illuminate a picture of what you think life should be. Young and chalking up nails to your parents’ lack of modernization, you forgo gluing. Yet, the wind of adulthood knocks a good portion of the pieces off, high school friends, family members and anticipated plans. Your foundation is all that is left. Venturing through college and your first job restarts the process of again placing puzzles in. You remember failed previous attempts with keeping the puzzle pieces in place and decide to start taping them down, your modified career goals that account for more than money, friends who share similar interests and a desire to just enjoy life. Yet the heat of the twenties strips the adhesive from your puzzle pieces and once again you loose puzzle pieces, not as many as you did from the windstorm but enough to require another rebuild. This time your foundation and a few other pieces are left, a couple friends, networking contacts and a general will to live. You wade through and manage to find a forever person, who is your friend, spiritual partner and life buddy. Along the way, you also discover a professional passion, something that isn’t a career or job to hate for 30 years but something to enjoy for a lifetime. Remembering the failed attempts at not using any adhesives and then tape adhesives, you opt for glue, thinking surely that will hold. The winter of your thirties and forties rages so violently that the glue freezes, separating itself from the puzzle pieces and causing them to fall off. Yet it isn’t long before the replacing process begins once again. Your last lingering superficial friends and lack of budgeting are all ran off by the ubiquitous supply of wet kisses and never-ending need for diapers.

I was sitting in church today and this analogy fell into my spirit. Life is ever-moving and ever-flowing, washing things away and bringing things to shore. We all experience the elements of life that sometimes shake us to our very cores, yet it is because of Jesus’ Love that we are not consumed by them. In life, we never “lose” things, we just make room for what is to come! And being okay with the unpredictability of life, knowing that God has our absolute best interests at heart is the only that is required of us…

Thanks to Jesus, we have a foundation of love that is never leaving…nailed forever to us…

Until Thursday,

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