“May my teaching trickle like the dew, my words like rain showers on tender grass, and like spring showers on new growth.” – Deuteronomy 32:2 LEB

After Moses delivers the Children of Israel from Pharaoh and they spent forty years in the wilderness for what should have been an eleven-day trip, they find themselves in Deuteronomy 31, where Moses knows that his death is near and gives instructions to Joshua. In the next chapter, Deuteronomy 32, Moses speaks a song that proclaims God’s faithfulness, flashbacks from their journey and instructions for their future with Joshua as their leader.

What strikes me as ironic is Moses’ choice to use the word, “trickle”. We all know that trickles are slow, painfully slow! Moses is on his way out and although it would be appropriate for him to pray for an immediate downpour of his God-given wisdom to Children of Israel (especially considering their double-minded reputation), he still believes in patience and the power of God.

Everything in life is achieved through baby steps and trickles of water. Babies don’t take off running as soon as their feet hit the ground, just like plants can’t grow from a sudden gullywash of rain. Within our human power, we can make no more than small but consistent progress, yet with God that is where our tricklings of prayer, confessions and faith turn into a tropical storm of manifestation.

Chances are, we have much more time than Moses did in Deuteronomy 32 and if he, on his deathbed could trust in the process of God’s timing, then so can we!

Until Sunday,

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