Forever Fickle Feelings


Happy Thursday! Welcome back to AD for another post!

One thing I love about the Christmas season is the atmosphere and bright lights. No other holiday draws as much attention and festivity as Christmas does. However, Christmas and all its decorum are only here for a short time, before Valentine’s Day is ushered in. Our feelings and emotions are a lot like the aura of Christmas…they come and go.

The other day I was in a “coming and going” state of mind with my feelings. On one hand I was excited about passing my exams and spending time with my family, but on the other hand I was stressing over my self-made to-do list, that seems to never end. In the mist of my emotional roller coaster, God came to me and said, “Your feelings are valid, but void.”

“Your feelings are valid but void.”-God

I was taken aback by such an contradictory statement. Coupons at a grocery store are either valid or void…not both. But then I realized what God was saying to me. He was saying that I should acknowledge my feelings, but I should not live my life by these feelings.

As Christians, I believe we have a tendency to ignore emotions, because they are out of line with what God says, and hope that they will go away. I know I have done it, time and time again. I knew I was struggling with discontentment or stress, and instead of countering that feeling with the Bible, I just chalked it up, and thought, “It will go away.” And it didn’t! Those feelings continued accumulating to the point where my faith and trust in God was affected.

As humans it is okay to feel how we feel, but we should always let God’s Promises have the final say. I pray that as we live and mature in Christ, we will be quick to check our feelings, and then check our Bibles for direction.

In my daily journal, I write my honest feelings and then find scriptures to either support or refute…because not all feelings are bad!

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