The SUM of Life


And time continues flying! 2017 is almost here…

This past Friday I tied up loose ends with my online class and now I am officially free. As a planner I am already trying to figure out how I will spend the next few weeks of free time. It has been years since I had time when no one and nothing was demanding anything of me.

Like most people with idle time, I started contemplating life and wondering what God has planned for me. And how looking back I can see God’s hands on my life. Yet, I still have questions about my future.

While swimming through a sea of questions I will never have answers to, God came to me and said that my life will be based upon the SUM. In which the SUM of life stands for God SHAPING, USING, and MOLDING me.

The total SUM of our lives comes when we allow God to shape, use and mold us. True peace and productivity comes when we let go and let God shape us from tribulations, use us to spread love and mold us to be like Him. He has a plan greater than we could ever conceive and our job is to wait and trust His process.

I pray that as one year closes and another one opens, we will rest in knowing that God’s SUM is at work in our lives!

Until Thursday,


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