An Honest Heart

It’s Thursday, I hope your week has been great! Honesty is my biggest pet peeve, as it reveals a person and their true character. Life is never short of chances to be dishonest.

While approaching the checkout line of a store, I realized that there was a crumbled $10 bill on the floor. I immediately thought it was the lady’s in front of me, so I picked up the money and handed it to her. Much to my surprise she said, “The money is not mine.” The cashier promised to keep the lost money at the register and use it when someone needs it. Although it seemed like my honesty was in vain, I know that pocketing the money would have been wrong. What if the owner had realized where they lost $10 and desperately needed it? What if someone came in 30 minutes later and truly needed the items they had, but were short $10?

Once, I was attending a program, in which all participants were separated in different classrooms by need and performance. For the sake of clarity, I am in classroom A, with teacher A, and the other classroom and teacher is classroom B, with teacher B. One morning during class A, teacher B came looking for students who were missing from classroom B. When teacher A was asked by teacher B, if the following students were in classroom A, teacher A responded, “Oh, I don’t know any names”. In which teacher B proceeded to read the names of missing students to see if anyone else knew where they were. A few of classroom A’s students said, “No, we don’t know them.”

The dishonesty came from both teacher A and classroom A’s students. Teacher A was fully aware that that missing students were seated in their classroom. While the students in classroom A knowingly lied, as they were the missing students.

Opportunities to lie and cheat are always amongst us, but how we respond to them is the key. I know God saw me pick up that dollar, but who knows who else could have been watching me. Sitting in that classroom and watching a lie unfold, changed my view of my peers and teacher. How wrong is it to tell the truth?

Integrity lies within our mouth and actions. We can still be dishonest and never say a word. Our honesty is what delights God. He takes pleasure in knowing His children will tell the truth, even if the truth is not advantageous.

Have a relaxing weekend and see you Sunday…which is also Anomalous Darlings’ 1 month anniversary! I am praying you and myself, as we continue to walk in relentless honesty.

Until Sunday,


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