Come Back

Happy 1 Month Anniversary Anomalous Darlings! Where has all the time gone? I cannot say thank you enough to each and everyone of you for supporting AD. You are not just a faithful reader, or subscriber, but an extension of my family!

Come Back. No, not like singers, actors or athletes who have taken a long hiatus and return with flying colors. I am talking about the act of coming back to God, from wherever we may have been. Most Christians, probably think that returning to God is for those who have backslid, but in actuality it is for anyone who has become out of touch with Christ.

Personally, I have let a few things slip in my relationship with God, such as not spending enough time with Him or keeping up my journals. I allowed stress to put God on the back burner, while I tried to figure out how to be a modern day wonder woman. With so many things screaming at me, I became circumstantially deaf to what God was trying to tell me. He was speaking words of encouragement, and reminding me that He was making a way, but I was not receiving the message.

In our everyday lives, we can often get carried away with stress, challenges and various other distractions that we neglect to read God’s Word or spend time with Him. It is in those moments of extreme pressure and trials, that we must weed out all other voices, except for God’s.

We are always in the act of coming back to something, whether it be a store, special vacation destination, favorite restaurant etc. But, we rarely evaluate our lives in terms of how spiritually connected we are to God.

It is okay to return to God…in fact He rejoices in seeing us return, despite the fact that we may have wandered or gone astray.

I am confessing that this week will not only be a week of peace, but also one of spiritual awakening, for you and myself!

Until Thursday,


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