WELCOME to Anomalous Darlings


And if I haven’t said it enough already…Welcome to Anomalous Darlings.

Anomalous Darlings is a new blog, that will be officially launching on October 13, 2016. AD is dedicated to enlightening Christians and promoting God’s amazing glory. Posts will be uploaded weekly and cover various topics surrounding life, and my personal experiences as a Christian. Through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, Bible verses, and advice will be posted throughout the week.

Please check out “Anomalous Darlings’ Purpose”, “Who I Am”, and “Connect” tabs at the top of the website for more background information.

Anomalous Darlings looks forward to seeing you again, for the big launch day in October!

P.S. the withered flower petals in the background in the picture above, will be part of the first post in October…










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