Feedback Society

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We live in a feedback society.

Unlike when we send text messages and emails, there is no “sent” or “delivered” message when we pray. There are no daily shipping notifications on our prayer requests from Heaven. We don’t get a biweekly update on the progress of our prayers.

Apart from the bible and what little archaeological information that scientists can agree on, there is not much direct evidence that deliberately says, “I am God” God didn’t forget to etch His name in a redwood tree or indelibly carve His face into a valley, He intentionally didn’t leave any remnants, as He is a nonverbal God…hear me out here!

Although the rivers don’t flow to form “The Maker”, they coo the message that there is one. Although the mountains don’t bear his face, they shout “Holy, Holy, Holy” as rocks slides fall. Although, the trees don’t bear the initials of *“F, S & HS”, they stand tall and strong as a testament that there is one.

*Father, Son & Holy Spirit

If you’re looking to see God with your eyes, you’re going to find exactly Mary saw on the third day…nothing.

Satan will work day in and day out to ensure that what we see does not align with what God promised. As soon as we say, “Amen”, angels are discharged, but so are demons. If you started your day by praying for peace, I wouldn’t be surprised if you discovered that the coffee machine didn’t come on as scheduled and last night’s dishwasher attendant abandoned their post. Definitely not a peaceful morning!

Now if you had received a “sent” confirmation message from Heaven that God heard your prayer, you would chalk it up to just…life. However, with no tangible evidence of God’s listening abilities, you are left to wonder, “God, did you hear me?”

Just like other believers, I have to trust that God is listening to me. I haven’t seen any burning bushes, as of this today, but there is one thing that I do know with complete surety and absolute surety: where eyes, logic and feet fail, faith prevails.

Until Thursday,



Life’s Dressings


Apologies for missing Sunday’s post, as you probably know all too well, life can be, simply put…crazy 🙂

Dressings is one of those words that has multiple meanings, whether it be something you ingest, dress with, or dress on…

Rotten vegetables dressed in balsamic are still…rotten vegetables
Mean people dressed in designer clothes are still…mean people
Rough sleeping beds dressed in Egyptian cotton are still…rough sleeping beds

In the above scenarios, the inner never changed, despite how alluring the outer was. There are many different dressings in life, whether it be cars, houses, statuses –honor roll, most valuable player, employee of the year–, being a size 2, or even wearing designer clothes (think I covered everybody). Whatever your dressing of choice may be, it has no bounds on who you are as a person. If you have a genuine spirit with black credit cards, then you will still have that same genuine spirit with maxed out credit cards. At the end of the day, in God’s eyes, you are still the same person, even though the bank may beg to differ. Society (banks too) often see us through carnal and unforgiving lenses. There is no grace for messing up a presentation, making mishaps on a test, misreading a contract or even mistaking another car’s actions. However, with God, there is a continually renewed supply of grace bestowed upon us each and everyday. Grace goes further than gasoline, literally.

Recently, I had to come to grips with who I am, through the I AM, after a few of my dressings disintegrated! Who am I when the grades don’t come out right? Who am I when I grow tired of the good fight? Who am I when the scales triple? Who I am when my plans crumble? Who am I when everything that I see looks far from God’s work of art?

While I ponder these answers for myself, I ask the same question of you: who are you, when your life’s dressings fall apart?

Until Sunday,


Mosaic Me

Mosaic Me
Mosaics are beautiful because they are simply stunning yet heartbreakingly complex. They incorporate the good, and the needs improvement. Success and failures. Highs and lows. Victories and losses. Anomalous Darlings over the past year has evolved into a mosaic of its own and mine. All content found on AD, has origins in one of the many pieces of my life’s mosaic. And who pieces this intricate artwork together? No one other, than God, himself…The Ultimate Mosaic Maker.

This is the first time I’ve ever put a picture of myself on anything AD related and for good reason. A year ago, I was still learning myself (and for the rest of my life, I will) and would not have had the courage to embark on this new path that is calling me to. For so long a “needs improvement” piece of my life was the obligation to please people. “What will people think of me?” “How will that make them feel?” “What will they say about me?” These are all questions that impeded the beckoning of God’s will in my life.

My writing and my spirituality go hand in hand. The best way I can describe is that when God is holding my left hand, I can freely write with the right hand. If I am out of contact with Him, I am also out of contact with myself too. You see, there is no I, without the I AM.

This past year had been a tremendous learning experience on all levels of my life. And simultaneously, as I am maturing in myself, so is Jesus and His work in me. A new wave of thoughts is being ushered in my life and will subsequently spill over onto AD. These words that God is speaking are coming like waves, just as fierce and fearless as Jesus’ blood was shed for my salvation. No longer can I stalemate on these tides with my name on them.
Thank you for 1 amazing year and to many, many more! I pray that you will grab whatever mosaic boat you have whether it be a raft or yacht and continue on this journey with me, as I go deeper with God. His goodness is not ending, it’s just beginning

Until Sunday,


Grace’s Rhythm

Graces Rhythm

October is historically a challenging month for me, as there is so much going on in a such a small length of time. And don’t even get me started about all the heartbreaking things that have happened since October 1st flew in.

Friday, God laid Matthew 11:28-30 on my heart. I was feeling extremely burden, burnt out and highly fatigued. Sometimes, there seems to be hardships everywhere you look. Externally, there are assignments to finish, applications to fulfill, deadlines to meet and qualifications to exceed. Internally, there are goals to finish, dreams to fulfill, milestones to meet, and progress to exceed. No matter where you look, outwardly and inwardly, there is likely something lacking!

28-30 “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”- Matthew 11:28-30 MSG

Now, the initiative is on us. Jesus says, “come to me.”, not “I will come to you.” We have to take the first step of surrender and then Jesus will meet us halfway. Another key phrase, that I saw, was “learn the unforced rhythms of grace”. When we go to Jesus and lay down our burdens at His feet, He gives us eternal rest by singing songs of grace over us. His songs bring peace as they melodically remind us that we are empowered to prosper…entitled to mercy…entrusted to God. His rhythms usher in a faith’s lens, marching fear’s out. As long as we are willing to listen, Jesus is more than willing to strum his guitar strings and belt out a tune.

If you are worn out from the world, feet barely up from the ground, take a minute to hear Jesus’s sweet supernatural song of mercy singing over you…

Faith: “Shush Fear…!”

Fear: “Oh please, I could care less.”

Faith: “…Grace is singing!”


When Grace speaks, Fear falls silent.


Until Thursday,




I am a history fanatic! My favorite books (apart from spiritual, life enhancement books) are when the past is intertwined with the present. Keeping up with multiple story lines running parallel to each other is a great mental workout 🙂 

What I love the most about history is that it evokes so much reflection and emotion. Would you have risked it all for love, during WWII? Would you have the courage to speak out against discrimination and evil? Would you go against the Church and say that the world is round and not flat? We would all agree that saying yes, to any of the above questions is aligning one within the direct path of danger. For people in history that took the plunge and said yes, they possessed an immense amount of bravery. 

This week I had a conversation with someone about why we as humans, tend to underestimate ourselves. Neglecting to believe that we can rise beyond our potential, acts a safeguard from the disappointment of when (really, if) the former happens. We don’t want to get our hopes up, so we often just don’t hope for anything at all. 

Although I admire history, I do have a greater appreciation for the present. As this current moment is the time that I have write my own life’s story. The past’s stories are interesting to read, but their script is ended; mine is not. Would you risk it all for a love that fills your deepest voids? Would you have the courage to stand up for what you believe, even if it is not trending? Would you go against the religion of the Church and speak about what Jesus really encompasses? 

And the ultimate question: Do you want to be a safe-taker, who is comfortable or a risk-taker, who is fulfilled in life? 

Romans 12:2. The world says, “Keep your options open and stay safe in the gray.” The Word says, “I am the only option, there is no other way.” 
Until Sunday, 



As Is

As Is

“As Is: All Sales Final!” Seeing that sign always put me on the edge, as I don’t like the prospect of me getting home with something that might be defective or broken (by no fault of my own) and have no recourse. Although, 9 times out of 10, we are satisfied with our purchases, I believe most of us like the luxury of returning an item, if needed.

Since Satan and our minds love to play the “what if” game, we might as well, go along with it!

What if God knew all of our mistakes before we even made them?

What if God saw the flawed piece of clay that we were?

What if God planned something great to happen on every day of our 

What if Jesus had full knowledge of the imperfect people He was 
dying for?

These “what ifs” are true facts! God knew exactly what type of car he was buying. Knew all the pros and need improvements. All the future issues and current joys. He saw the risks, but couldn’t pass up the final reward. Still, He wanted to be our Potter and send His Son as a sacrifice for our lives.

Neither God nor Jesus was jinxed into joining our team. As The Creator of Knowledge, He knew all there was and will ever be about us and yet, with full disclosure, he made His choice. I can imagine God saying something like this: “I still want [insert your name], their edges are a little rough but I can bevel those edges. Their paths are slightly crooked, but I can straighten them. Their heart a mess, but I can purify it. Their lives a train wreck, but I can restore all things. Yep, I still want [insert your name] and nothing and nobody can sway my decision!” He counted up all the costs and reasoned that the benefit outweighed the expenses. He saw the work needed and concluded that the finished product was worth much, much more.

God knew what your issues and flaws were before you even did! You’re like a classic car, with a few dents and dings. You need a new paint job and some fresh tires. An oil change and alignment wouldn’t hurt either. There’s a rattling of some sorts under the hood, that likely needs to be fixed soon. And to top it all off, you have no idea where you are going in life. But God has already scheduled an appointment with the best body and paint repair shop in town. He’s thinking of royal purple or peaceful teal for the paint and spotless white for the trim. He’s elated that next door to the body and paint repair shop is another business that specializes in oil changes, alignments and diagnosis of unknown auto problems. The destination? It’s a surprise! And God sometimes even stands in awe of His own works!

Until Thursday,

The Unlovable

The Unlovable.jpg

Some people are just hard to please, tolerate and above Luke 6:31-34

"No, that's not right. Go the left."

Rower rows to the left.

"No, that's not right either. Only go to the left after every 5 rows.

Rower rows to the left after every 5 rows.

"I'm getting dizzy, only row to the left after every 15 rows."

Rower rows to the left after every 15 rows

"No, please row to the right. I'm getting seasick."

Upon disembarkment from the boat, one of the passengers said to the 
rower, "How did you deal with her?"

To which the rower responded, "I didn't, Christ did."

There’s a punchline to this story, I promise. Here it is: God is not a difficult or indecisive God. He’s unchanging, simple and patient. Which is why and how we are given grace to deal with people that aren’t. 

Sometimes, God has a good sense of humor and other times…not so much. In a way it is comical and practical that I am having to develop the abilities to love the unlovable and forgive others all in same year! Things that I have never had to deal with before. That is probably one of the coolest, craziest and sometimes chaotic part of life, although you know trouble is coming, you don’t always know how, when and even why?

Difficult people will come and go, but they will always remember how you treated them. I believe that everyone is conscious of how they treat people and how others react to them. Even the Grinch had a heart!

Everybody has their own boat to row. Their own shopping cart to push. Their own path to chart. From the outside looking in, their boat may look pristine, their shopping cart full and their paths enviable. But what lies under all the luxurious rafters, pretty packaging and bright blooms is an entirely different story.

As I am writing this, God has decided that He wanted to steal the show, so I am going to let Him go…

I’m not saying that how they treat you is okay. I’m not saying that their own personal issues justify their ways. I’m just saying that my grace gives you the ability to love them anyway.

Loving people is your life’s mission. Will it be accomplished?

Until Sunday,



With You

With You

Since we had story time Thursday, I suppose God thought it would only seem appropriate to have poetry time Sunday. The backstory to this poem is not important as what it means to me, will probably not mean the same to you. I hope you enjoy it…

With You


Like two people reading from opposites ends of a book

Like two people rowing in counteracting directions

Neither willing to sacrifice

So am I

When I am control of my life


As the author of my own story

I fail miserably at writing

Nothing makes sense.


As the captain of my own ship

I come up short constantly in navigating life

Nothing makes sense.


I am not the editor of my life’s novel

I am not the planner of my life’s voyage

And when I act as if I am

Nothing make sense

Words are incoherent

And nothing moves

Destinations are indecipherable


Nothing makes sense and nothing moves.

God, You are the mental lubricant that makes words flow


Jesus, You are the physical lubricant that allow boats to go


With You, everything makes sense

And everything moves


Without You, there is nothing…


Until Thursday,



P.S. One of the scripture references used by my Pastor this morning was Acts 12:1-16 when Peter was delivered from death by the prayers of some devoted prayer warriors. Verse 11 in the King James Version, says, “…when Peter was come to himself, he said, Now I know of a SURETY, that the Lord hath sent his angel, and hath delivered me out of the hand of Herod, and from all the expectation of the people of the Jews.” What a confirmation from God!



Now, as a disclaimer, my heart goes out to those affected by the hurricanes. I am extremely sensitive and by no means am I poking fun or degrading the devastation of the floods that have happened and the lives that have been lost. I am referring to God’s promise, that He would never flood the entire earth again and swipe out all living things by water, Genesis 9:11.

DNT Weather Report:

“The earth is officially flooding!”, Lee False, a trusted meteorologist reports for DNT, (Definitely Not True)’s daily weather report.

“A little bit each day. By next week, we’ll all be fish!” Lee False jokes.


3 Days Later

“Did you hear about the news?” Flaky Fiona says as she enter the lounge for church volunteers.

“Yeah, maybe God isn’t all that trustworthy after all.” Maybe Max responds, grabbing the coffee pot to pour him a cup.

“My thoughts exactly! I mean, I didn’t think it was true after rereading Genesis 9:11, but then when I started seeing water, that changed things.” Flaky Fiona says in exasperation.

“Changed things”? You’re sounding like the children of Israel. Every time something contrary to God comes up, you go running!” Confident Connor says, entering the lounge to make copies for the upcoming event.

“Oh Connor give us a break! Maybe we need to reconsider all this stuff we’re preaching. Maybe it’s all “Hallucinogenic Hallelujahs.” Maybe Max responds, as he plops nine cubes of sugar into his coffee and 11 creamers.

“Yeah, for you probably. I’d be hallucinogenic too, if I ingested that much sugar!” Confident Connor counters.

“Hallucinogenic? You all know that is a serious condition that many people suffer from. It shouldn’t be the focal point of jokes, guys. Not cool.” Surely Shirley says, as she comes in looking for pens and markers for the kids.

“You’re right. But we were originally talking about the flood. That’s how hallucinations came up. Max and I wonder if The Bible is just that.” Flaky Fiona says.

“What flood?” Surely Shirley asks.

“Uh, the flood going outside this building! The water you had to wade through to get in here!” Maybe Max says.

“I saw water and I felt it too, but I don’t believe it.” Surely Shirley says to which Flaky Fiona and Maybe Max’s eyes go triple in size.

“Someone with some sense is here!” Confident Connor exclaims.

“You two are crazy!” Flaky Fiona says.

“No, what is crazy is God sending his only son to die for you and then you turning around is questioning Him. That’s insanity.” Surely Shirley counters.

“2 Corinthians 5:7, walk by faith and not by sight, was not put in the bible as filler of space. You two-” Connor adds before he is interrupted by DNT.

DNT Weather Report (Goof):

“The earth is NOT officially flooding!”, Lee False reports.

“A malfunction in the city’s water supplies caused the flooding. By next week, we should see dry land.”

“Now, my God just parted the Red Sea for me!” Surely Shirley says.

“No, my God parted the Rea Sea for me, you’re just blessed to be near me.” Confident Connor says.

“Do you have the copies we need?” Surely Shirley asks.

“Do you have the markers we need?” Confident Connor counters as he and Surely exit with laughs as they return to their tasks.

“Maybe, God-” Maybe Max starts before Flaky Fiona raises her hands and cuts him.

“Don’t start. Maybe you need to read your bible more!” Flaky Fiona says.

“Hey, and you don’t?! You were agreeing with me!”

“Yes, I was. Shirley and Connor really made me think. They were so sure and confident of what God said. We should definitely listen.” Flaky Fiona says.

“Yeah, maybe.” Max says launching his empty coffee cup into the trashcan, before leaving.




Surety, The Play


Surely Shirley 

Confident Connor

Flaky Fiona

Maybe Max


Hopefully, you got a laugh (and a lesson) out of that! Couple things I want to mention…

  • This week, God bluntly asked me this: “Would you believe that the earth was flooding, if you saw it your own two eyes and felt it with all 20 of your fingers and toes?” Yeah, I’m still a little speechless. But, that is the best place to be in Christ. Completely in awe and always reaching for higher heights in your faith.
  • Make note that Connor and Shirley came in the lounge to do things. Connor, copying papers. Shirley, looking for markers. Fiona and Max, weren’t doing anything but socializing. As soon as Fiona came in with doubt, Max should have “checked” her with God’s Word, not validate her doubt. If you want to live a great and prosperous life, across all areas (spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, financially etc.), you must watch your associations. Proverbs 13:20, as Connor would say is not in the bible a “filler of space”.


Shirley is a sure believer because she is secure in God’s promises.

Connor is a confident believer because he has seen God work in his life.

Fiona is a flaky believer, because she will believe God’s word until the next contradiction comes.

Max is a skeptical believer because he needs lives by proof.


Now, what kind of believer are you?


Until Sunday,


The High Road


Sometimes I get tired of taking the high road. Why do I have to be the one to sacrifice and forgive like Christ? Why do I have to be one to turn the other cheek and surrender to love’s feat?

Because Jesus did it for me. That is why.

It is easy to stay right where we are in our minds. Allowing them to run our lives straight into ruin. It is convenient to hold fast to scapegoats, as oppose to taking charge of our own boats. It is comfortable to defer change to another day, instead of grasping the concept that we make our own way.

The High Road (Matthew 7:14). It is neither easy, nor convenient or comfortable. It forces us to look at the eyes that look back at us in the mirror and say, “No more.” It forces us to get honest and stop all the excuses and good lies that we tell ourselves as tools of appeasement.

To be honest, for the last month I’ve probably been somewhere in the middle of the road, stumbling at the promises that I already have in my hands. Living like a deer in headlights, when I was created to be an eagle in the sky’s heights. Nevertheless, I do not have to stay where I have been, I can change. And so can you!

Thanks for allowing me to bounce some of my eclecticism around today! Hopefully, out of all that you found something that will inspire you to walk confidently on The High Road, leading to The High Life.

The High Road…The High Life

  • Selfless
  • Faith
  • Secure
  • Loving
  • Peaceful

The Low Road…The Low Life

  • Selfish
  • Fear
  • Insecure
  • Loveless
  • Peaceless

Which road are traveling on?

Until Thursday,