In every profession and hobby, there are a) goals and b) obstacles. There can never be an achievement of one’s dreams without some nightmares along the way…

What stands between you, today and you, tomorrow? How about you, today and you, 2 minutes, ten days or twenty years from now? Time, doubt and exploitation. Although you prayed and believed for deliverance, a week has gone by with no change in your life. Time seems to be flying by, with God’s guarantee of goodness going right along with it! You begin to reflect on your life, past, present and future and wonder if God is truly for you or against you. And in the midst of this spiritual war, Satan comes striding in, prepared with plenty of tricks and tools to capitalize on your spirit’s vulnerable condition.

What stands between a competitive swimmer and a medal? Water and his/her fellow competitors. Yet, I have never seen a competitive swimmer swim looking to the left and right during a race. It is in those moments that they look within, remembering all their training and keep their eyes fixed ahead.

We can’t successfully run the race of faith, while keeping close and judgemental tabs on our neighbors. We can’t be ready to discount God’s promises, when our timing doesn’t fit into His timeline.

Hebrews 12:1-3 MSG…we will not (and cannot)  concede defeat from someone (Satan) who has already been eternally defeated…

Until Thursday,



Pray it Off

Pray it Off.jpg

It’s easy to turn off the television, close the newspaper and disengage oneself from the troubles, tragedies and tribulations of others…

People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” -Luke 21:26-28 NIV

Yet what is the method of detachment when friends, family members and close acquaintances begin to experience circumstances like those headlined in the media and read by thousands? Unexpected death. Health challenges. Financial woes. Prodigal children.

Pray it off.

That is what The Holy Spirit whispered to me as wrestled with the state of both the world and the lives of those around me. It is not our job to comprehend nor become sleuths to life’s unfortunate happenings, for our most chaotic moments are clearly understood by God. He’s knows the end from the beginning with the obstacles of our journeys being less than afterthoughts when compared to our final outcomes.

While on the cross, Jesus saw a vision of you living a life worth dying for, with success in all areas of life. Don’t let Satan use the trials of your life and/or other people’s lives to trick you into aborting that vision…

Until Sunday,


The Matcher

The Matcher

I have always found those business ads promising to ‘price match’ their competitors’ prices, to be fascinating. It seems like a lofty promise, until you read the fine print. ‘Price matching’ is only applicable up to a certain dollar amount. Which means that your local grocery will not be selling filet mignons for a dollar, just because a bargain store down the street received an overstock!

How often do you feel lacking in one (or even more than one) facet of life? Whether it be financially, emotionally, mentally, socially, academically, physically or any of the other -llys. That sense of lack is like a hole in one’s heart that can often dull a person’s outlook on life. As you operate on a 52% capacity, you call out for someone…anyone to meet and match you.

Ring, ring and look who answers your summons?! God, himself, the Creator and Fulfiller of all aspects of life. He comes in like only he can to patch the brokenhearted hole, left by hurting people who don’t know the true definition of love, Psalm 34:18. He swoops in just in time, to rejuvenate the weakenedhearted hole that has resulted from daily trials and tribulations, Isaiah 40:29. He hastens to orchestrate a choir of angels, accompanied by Jesus to serenade you in truth, as an antidote to the constant infiltration of lies from Satan, Zephaniah 3:17.

Whatever holes that have been created by people, life and this world, God fills. And He fills them perfectly, with no fine print, flaws and future flukes. Don’t drown in a sea of deficiency, when the door of abundancy is just a prayer away…

Until Sunday,



Miracle You

Miracle You.jpg

God’s most spectacular miracle was not parting the Red Sea or even sending manna from Heaven, it was sending His only Son in exchange for someone who was irretrievably broken and sinful.

Sometimes, it is hard to see ourselves living a life where we are victorious over anxiety, temptation, unforgiveness and sin. Hard, however does not translate to impossible. It may be challenging or even uncomfortable, but if there is a will, then there is always a way.

Although, I understand that God is a spirit whose mind and thoughts will never be fully comprehensible to my carnal mind, I still find snippets of understanding when He humanizes Himself to me. He asked me, “Without my capacity to imagine things that I didn’t see, where would you and the creations of this world would be? I could only speak, what I first imagined.”

Looking back through journals and writings from my elementary days, reminds how vivid and undaunted my ability to dream was. That little girl could see beyond the starts and with Jesus’ restoring power, I feel her blossoming within me again. Let’s not forget that young boys have imaginations too! My brother was the unofficial official for NASCAR races as he pushed his Hot Wheels round and round his race track. So, fellas there is a dreamer within you, as well!

Keep dreaming unprecedented dreams and never give up on a miracle, even if the miracle is you…

Sweet dreams till Thursday,


Life’s Narrative

Lifes Narrative.jpeg

“When you don’t like the narrative of your life, start drafting a new one! Never stop creating the story of your life; always be editing, adding and enhancing by God’s grace.”

I have been maintaining a “one sentence journal” since October, where I get one sentence to chronicle my day or anything that was important! Let’s just say that sometimes I break all the grammar rules with my run-on sentences 🙂 The above line was from this past Friday’s entry, which wasn’t necessarily inspired by anything in particular, besides an overall reflection on life.

Rumor has it that this time of the year is the hardest for some people, as they nurse broken relationships and unfulfilled goals. Sinking slower and deeper in despair. It doesn’t take much effort to flip the tattered and sloppily filled pages of our life’s book. Repairing the torn edges and rewriting over the past…now that takes some determination!

I know that it’s supposed to be “the most-happiest time of the year”, but I feel compelled to address those who this time doesn’t always manifest the best of memories. Whether your narrative is wonky by actions of your own and/or others, the chance to begin a new one is yours. Soley and completely…

Until Thursday,

P.S. Philippians 3:13-14 is always a place I like to visit when I can’t see progression between my past and present!




My allergies are officially on their way out! Health is such a blessing. This week, I discovered Online Etymology Dictionary, a site dedicated to etymology, which is basically the study of words and their meanings over time. I have learned so much about the Old English roots of words that I use on a daily basis. A lot of the words we use today, did not sound or look the same hundreds of years ago.

Did you use the word lufu this week? What about wyrgan? Chances are you didn’t. What about worry and love? Aah, those probably look more familiar to you. Lufu, meaning “the love of God” is the Old English mother of love. And Wyrgan, which means “to strangle” is the Old English father of worry. To strangle!? After reading that I refreshed my browser and looked the word, worry up again, just to make sure I had read that right!

God makes it pretty clear throughout the Bible that we are not supposed to worry. You can pick any book of the Bible (I might be exaggerating a bit) and find a scripture about casting our cares on Him and laying down all worried thoughts. Like the great omniscient Father, He is, God knows that worrying about tomorrow or even 20 minutes from now, doesn’t just short circuit our prayers, but pilfers the life out of us…slowly.

This past week was so exhausting and challenging, not because Jesus didn’t show up, but because I was sleeping, eating, working and studying all with my own hands tightly wrapped around my neck. Instead of allowing His living waters to flow and quench my thirst, I was stopping them and looking for water in all the parched places of this world. Worry is a sneaky parasite, promising treasures of peace, yet delivering great troves of peacelessness. It’s a trap…a smoke screen, crafted by none other than the robber of peace himself, Satan.

On a higher, more brighter note, there is hope! None of God’s children are ever too far gone or too entrapped to be freed. Freedom starts whenever we are ready to receive it!

Until Thursday with much lufu,



With You

With You

Since we had story time Thursday, I suppose God thought it would only seem appropriate to have poetry time Sunday. The backstory to this poem is not important as what it means to me, will probably not mean the same to you. I hope you enjoy it…

With You


Like two people reading from opposites ends of a book

Like two people rowing in counteracting directions

Neither willing to sacrifice

So am I

When I am control of my life


As the author of my own story

I fail miserably at writing

Nothing makes sense.


As the captain of my own ship

I come up short constantly in navigating life

Nothing makes sense.


I am not the editor of my life’s novel

I am not the planner of my life’s voyage

And when I act as if I am

Nothing make sense

Words are incoherent

And nothing moves

Destinations are indecipherable


Nothing makes sense and nothing moves.

God, You are the mental lubricant that makes words flow


Jesus, You are the physical lubricant that allow boats to go


With You, everything makes sense

And everything moves


Without You, there is nothing…


Until Thursday,



P.S. One of the scripture references used by my Pastor this morning was Acts 12:1-16 when Peter was delivered from death by the prayers of some devoted prayer warriors. Verse 11 in the King James Version, says, “…when Peter was come to himself, he said, Now I know of a SURETY, that the Lord hath sent his angel, and hath delivered me out of the hand of Herod, and from all the expectation of the people of the Jews.” What a confirmation from God!

The High Road


Sometimes I get tired of taking the high road. Why do I have to be the one to sacrifice and forgive like Christ? Why do I have to be one to turn the other cheek and surrender to love’s feat?

Because Jesus did it for me. That is why.

It is easy to stay right where we are in our minds. Allowing them to run our lives straight into ruin. It is convenient to hold fast to scapegoats, as oppose to taking charge of our own boats. It is comfortable to defer change to another day, instead of grasping the concept that we make our own way.

The High Road (Matthew 7:14). It is neither easy, nor convenient or comfortable. It forces us to look at the eyes that look back at us in the mirror and say, “No more.” It forces us to get honest and stop all the excuses and good lies that we tell ourselves as tools of appeasement.

To be honest, for the last month I’ve probably been somewhere in the middle of the road, stumbling at the promises that I already have in my hands. Living like a deer in headlights, when I was created to be an eagle in the sky’s heights. Nevertheless, I do not have to stay where I have been, I can change. And so can you!

Thanks for allowing me to bounce some of my eclecticism around today! Hopefully, out of all that you found something that will inspire you to walk confidently on The High Road, leading to The High Life.

The High Road…The High Life

  • Selfless
  • Faith
  • Secure
  • Loving
  • Peaceful

The Low Road…The Low Life

  • Selfish
  • Fear
  • Insecure
  • Loveless
  • Peaceless

Which road are traveling on?

Until Thursday,




“Why doesn’t she release us?” Freedom, a bright blue butterfly says to her prison companion, Forgiveness.

Freedom and Forgiveness are butterflies that have been imprisoned for more years than they can count. They long for the smell of outside air and the scent of fresh sprouting flower blooms.

“I don’t know?” Forgiveness replies, who also happens to be an equally beautiful and bright butterfly in his own right, except white in hue.

“It is the most asinine thing I have ever experienced.” Freedom remarks.

“It really is. She has the key to free us but she refuses to put it to good use!” Forgiveness adds.

“Exactly and if her sanity wasn’t enough, then the price her Savior paid for the key should be.” Freedom adds.

“Yeah, a hefty price! Talk about some unconditional love and mercy.” Forgiveness says.

“You see my wings? Their sparkling white and created to withstand the troughs of tribulations.”

“Freedom you and I were meant to fly, high into sky. You, near the clouds, light and free. Me, in the skies, full of blithe.”

“Couldn’t have said it better, Forgiveness. Although, you did forget your scintillating blue wings, strong enough to cut through the harrowing winds of hate.”

“Freedom, you are-Wait, do you hear that?” Forgiveness whispers.

Dear Savior in Heaven,

Thank you for waking me up this morning and blessing me to see another day! Without You on my side, I could never find the way. You sacrificed Your life and paid the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom and well-being. Help me to forgive others just as You did on the cross. Help me to release the desire to be in control of my life. Show me how to walk, live and revel in love all the days of my life. It is time for me to let go of these heavy weights that have been holding me down and grab tight to the promise of new life. I leave the past, present and future where they rightfully belong…in Your Almighty Hands…

In You Great Name, alone. Amen.

“I can’t believe it. We’re finally going to be free!” Freedom screeches.

“After all these years of being held in captivity and oppressed. I’m so elated that she decided to roll the weight of hurt and worry onto Jesus’ mighty shoulders. And I’m even more ecstatic to feel the wind through my wings again!” Forgiveness says

“Me too! Although, I am really going to miss you, Forgiveness!”

“Same here, we have had a lot of great times together.” Forgiveness responds.

“Well goodbye then, be blessed!”

“You too, but it is not goodbye, it is till next time…”

Butterfly, The Play



Personification brings the Bible to life for me and allows me to not only retain God’s Word, but also understand it. What I would give to have Calculus and Chemistry textbooks in story form!

Unlike “Roll Call”, this one (Butterfly) is a little more abstract, so I am going to do a quick summary just in case you got lost in story! The butterflies are mental visuals of what goes on in our hearts. Past hurts and strongholds often hold us back from fully surrendering to God’s goodness. We have the keys to The Good Life, thanks to Jesus dying for us, yet we hesitate to use the precious gift that He sacrificed so much for! Your trapped butterflies might be different, maybe it is Peace or Joy. Kindness or Compassion. Temperament or Patience. Whatever they might be it is time to set them free

At the start of this year, AD declared that 2017 was A Year To Fly, and although there are only 112 days left in 2017, that is still plenty to stretch our wings!

Until Thursday,






Sometimes my life looks like the picture above. Everything is blurry. Running together. Spiraling somewhere. And like a strong force of gravity the chaos of my life tries pull my mind into it. Blurring my focus. Running faith and doubt together. Spiraling nowhere.

Tries, is they key word here. Satan tried to stop Jesus as a baby, when King Herod authorized the order to kill all baby boys in Bethlehem. Satan tried to discourage David, by making his death, Saul’s personal mission. Satan tried to discredit Noah’s resolve in God, by speaking words of doubt through the townspeople. Satan a trying god…I’ll give him that! He has a fairly decent persistence rate and an equally mediocre creativity rate. He neither stops afflicting God’s children nor cease thinking of devious way to do it.

Try as the big bad wolf did, but he could not blow the third little piggy’s house down. That little piggy was settled. Satan will huff, puff and tell us that he is going to blow our houses down, destroy our careers, rip apart our families and do us completely in, but like a good villain, he never spills the bullseye of his demise. The bullseye: He can’t move settled people. Confident and resolute Christians will withstand all of his fiery trials and fierce floods.

I have made the decision to finally settle some things in my life. Things that were like measly sticks and straws in my heart, shifting around every time life’s gravity pulled on them. No longer am I am double minded. Triple minded. And unsettled. Today, I choose to change and be single minded and settled.

My thoughts and prayers are with the world today as I hope that a settling peace will overcome this world, in the midst of Satan’s last days of destruction…


Until Sunday,