There’s a Grace…

Theres a Grace....jpg

Pop quiz time! Choose one of the following answers to finish the statement:

There’s a grace…

a) for perfect people

b) for certain situations

c) for any and everything

d) for everyone but you

ding ding…it’s C!

God’s Grace extends to everyone and every aspect of life, especially you.

Grace reminds me of camouflage, another one of God’s creations that science still doesn’t have a coherent explanation for. Butterflies and chameleons have the astonishing ability to imitate their surroundings, hence allowing them to avoid predation.

Supernatural powers from Heaven enable us to rise above the occasion, completing the undoable and unthinkable. It is by grace’s influence only, that I can can begin to reason as to how I weathered the storms and fires of life, successfully and without the smell of mildew or smoke!

I imagine that over the years, animals and insects with camouflaging capabilities have developed a repository of concealment methods based on their environments. Much like, the refinement of grace in our lives as we journey through challenging events.

“You’re my place of quiet retreat; I wait for your Word to renew me.”- Psalm 119:114 MSG
Embrace the grace that was created to favor and help you in all of life’s various places!

Until Sunday,





Merriam Webster describes realistic as the following: “willing to see things as they really are and deal with them sensibly”.

Things as they really are? With that definition, I suppose Jesus feeding a multitude with  five fish and two loaves and Peter walking on the water in Matthew 14, weren’t realistic events. And neither was Joshua and Caleb’s courageous, yet contradictory report concerning Canaan, when compared to the other 10 spies in Numbers 13. We could go on and on with a never-ending list of stories showing just how unrealistic The Bible is and I won’t even touch on Jesus ascending to Heaven after being raised from the dead!

By the world’s assessment, the miracles that Jesus did while on earth during the New Testament and the acts that God did while in Heaven during the Old Testament are simply too incredulous. They defy logic and truly surpass the human mind’s ability to comprehend.

But God is willing to go as unbelievable and unimaginable as we are! Wherever our minds can go and our faith can sustain us, God will meet us there, amply supplying grace, mercy and favor. With His almighty power in store, He does what only He can, which is take the unrealistic, increase its unthinkability and then weave it into our everyday realities…

Don’t let satan, this world, an acquaintance or anyone dictate what your reality can/will be; the Heaven’s the limit…

Until Thursday,


Love is Patient

Love is Patient.jpg

Yesterday I discovered an unknown fact about myself…I have impatient tendencies!

God is Love and Love is God, they are interchangeable! Boil down all the ways that God has moved in your life thus far, and you will be left with a power substance, love.

I’m going to go out on an audacious limb and say that Believers wrestle with God’s Love for them as a result of their own imperfect interpretations and not because they don’t believe it.

The manifestation of love can be equated to a recipe for baking cupcakes. Patience, kindness, humility, one’s composure are much like the sugar, flour, eggs and extract flavoring needed for an edible outcome. If one of the ingredients of love is missing or expired then the spiritual result will be subpar, just as buttercream frosting made without butter will be lacking in taste.

Note: Psalm 136 and 1 Corinthians 13 are great places to hone in on the most successful recipe for love.

My countless loses in the boxing ring against God’s affection for me were all due to my penchant of impatience as I couldn’t comprehend a love that I wasn’t even displaying to myself and others.

It’s true, your loved ones bring out the absolute the best and worse in you. Special thanks to the four beats of my heart for showing me the beautiful and needs-improvement pieces of my life.

Until Sunday & Happy Love-Baking,





490, that is what seventy times seven equals! Every single human being of the 7 billion (and counting) population deserve 490 chances of sincere forgiveness. I’m not even going to attempt that math. Matthew 18:21-22 often applies in the conversation about forgiving others, where we are commanded to forgive our brothers and sisters 490 times (each, respectively), but what if I said that is also how many times that God forgives you?

It doesn’t matter how many times you break that, “Lord, I’m never going to do this again promise.” God is still there to support and believe you, as He knows that one day you are going to be able to keep that promise.

Take the popular story of the girl who cried wolf. She was charging the air with negativity AND discrediting herself as an unreliable and dramatic fibber. Over and over, she lied saying that the wolf had come. Deeper and deeper, she continued digging her doom.

Every day, the words we speak are composing the contents of our lives. Every hour, our interactions with others are painting the picture of our future. Every minute, your inner conversations are shaping the silhouette of ourselves.

Personally, I believe that our friend in the wolf story was struggling with insecurities and things that she hadn’t forgiven herself for. And instead of dealing with those issues, she did what most of us are guilty of doing, which is projecting our inner misery onto those around us.

70 * 7= 490, goes both ways…outward & inner

Until Sunday,



God Waits Too

God Waits Too.jpg

Do you want to hear something funny? I had a post written up and ready to go, concerning a real-life incident that connected to last Thursday’s post, Dandelion Plans, when God was like, ‘No, that’s a great reflective journal entry but I want you to talk about me on AD tonight!’ It will always be His Will over my own, so without further ado…

“Then Adonai answered me and said: “Write down the vision, make it plain on the tablets, so that the reader may run with it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time. It hastens to the end and will not fail. If it should be slow in coming, wait for it, for it will surely come—it will not delay.” -Habakkuk 2:2-3 TLV

While reading Habakkuk 2:2-3, did you notice the empathy and relatability that underlined God’s response to Habakkuk? He speaks as one who has had personal experience waiting as oppose to just talking in hypotheticals.

God, Himself knows more than anyone else, the true pain and beauty of waiting…

Did you know that God had to exercise patience while waiting for the vision to be fulfilled? The Bible was written by people who were sensitive to God’s voice and possessed yielding hearts. God knew what He wanted to say in the Bible from beginning to end, but he had to wait for those that He had appointed, to reach spiritual maturity so that they could effectively capture a glimpse of His personal thoughts for you and me to one day read.

God waited during the Bible days for prophets like Abraham, David and Jesus to come and carry out His vision. However, His waiting days are still not yet over, as He waits for the ripe time for you too, to execute His dreams.

Contrary to popular belief, God is extremely consumed with every detail of your life, as it is a pivotal component of His Heavenly Works!

Until Thursday,




What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘delicate’? Is it dainty centerpieces and newborn babies or fresh picked flowers and gentle rain showers? What about yourself?

Not even the most exquisite jewels and softest linens can compare to how God views you. He would gladly leave all those things behind in an field, open to anybody who would walk by, in order to chase after you. When you cry in pain, He hearkens to comfort you through it. When you rejoice in happiness, He hearkens to accompany you in the celebration.

When delicate things are transported, labels are printed, bubble wrap is added and people often move in haste. That is how God and his angels are:

“God has set his throne in heaven; he rules over us all. He’s the King! So bless God, you angels, ready and able to fly at his bidding, quick to hear and do what he says. Bless God, all you armies of angels, alert to respond to whatever he wills. Bless God, all creatures, wherever you are—everything and everyone made by God. And you, O my soul, bless God!” -Psalm 103:19-22


You are one of God’s most delicate creatures, worth more than Jesus’ own life. Never forget or compromise your worth, as God has set standards for your life that only He and people that He has appointed for your life can perceive…

Until Thursday,


Like Others

Like Others.jpg

Entertaining comparisons is typically a detrimental activity to partake in. It is the one of the most cunning thieves that we face, snatching our joy and replacing it with despondency. However, with everything in life there is always an exception…

Compare and contrast how you treat others and yourself? Are there any differences and why?

Although I am a well of encouragement and constantly giving others the ‘benefit of the doubt’, that well quickly dries up when I go for a drink! Lately, I have been reevaluating my life and where my energy is being channeled.

Who is going to look after you and see that your needs are met, if you don’t?

I pray that Jesus will show us how to love others and ourselves in a way that promotes inner peace and self-care. The beautiful thing about life is that everyday is another chance to reflect and try something new. Let tomorrow be a day, where your first priority is you.

Until Thursday,




From Heaven

From Heaven

I will never forget the first time that I heard the story of the Children of Israel and Moses in the wilderness (Exodus 16:31, Psalm 78:24), when God sent manna from Heaven. Closing my eyes, I could vividly imagine tasting the delectable bread in my mouth as it fell from the highest heights. Oh, how powerful the imagination of a child is.

With age, our imaginations seem to dwindle while our worries tend to triple! However, that shouldn’t be the case, as Jesus’ death was the promise that all our needs (and wants J) would be taken care of. After committing to my top choice for college, there were a lot of things to be concerned about. Would I get scholarship? Am I ready to grow up? Will I enjoy college life? These questions continued to plague my mind, until I let my childlike imagination have its time on my mind’s center stage. I could see doves carrying everything I needed down to earth for me, with God providing for all my needs. I could feel confidence in what God and my parents have instilled in me rising up, with a peace that Jesus wouldn’t lead me to anything that wasn’t worthy of Him dying on the Cross.

“Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light. There is nothing deceitful in God, nothing two-faced, nothing fickle.” -James 1:17 MSG

Expect wonderful things to out pour from the abundances of Heaven in your life! You, Jesus and manna all descended from the place, we will one day return…

Until Thursday,


Jesus’ Blood

Jesus' Blood

If you’ve been reading Anomalous Darlings for an extended amount of time, you probably know two things to be true (in addition to my love for Jesus, family and cupcakes): 1) I, too struggle with surrendering to God and 2) I enjoy mystery murder T.V. shows and books. It’s an unlikely combination, but let me connect the dots for you…

Blood, it was shed at the Cross and is often found at many crime scenes. Now, we all know that Jesus’ blood on the Cross is immortal, while mere human blood is just the opposite, mortal. However, if you look closely, you will see four things to be strikingly similar between the two seemingly unrelated blood types.

  1. Blood reveals secrets; Matthew 27:51
    1. The pouring out of Jesus’ blood tore the veil that separated us from intimate fellowship with God, allowing us from that moment forward, the opportunity to boldly and confidently enter God’s presence. Blood evidence left at a crime scene often makes a detective’s job a million times easier, as the blood can be used to unveil the perpetrator’s identity.
  2. Blood doesn’t disintegrate; Hebrews 13:8
    1. Although Jesus, died hundreds of years ago (ages before anybody that we’ve ever laid eyes on was alive), His personal blood sacrifice for us is just as overwhelming today as it was when it first spilled from His body. Likewise, many cold cases, that are decades old can be now solved thanks to improved DNA technology and blood’s strong physical persistence.
  3. Blood has power; 1 Peter 2:24-25
    1. Redeeming power. Healing power. Restoring power. Whatever you need, Jesus took care of it before you were even conceived. Even the gates of hell, had to close as Jesus’ blood burst forth from His body. Ever heard of an unsolved case, that suddenly becomes solved and then someone who got away with murder for 40 years is now in custody? That’s the power of blood, it turns tables, both literally and spiritually.
  4. Blood speaks truth; John 19:28
    1. God cannot and will not ever lie to us, and thankfully, His Son and our Savior Jesus, follows directly in that same oath of truth. When Jesus said, “It is finished.”, as it pertained to our redemption from the curse, He meant it. Just as Jesus didn’t retract His truth (that He is the way, the truth and the life), neither does DNA. Once a DNA match is confirmed, the case is closed, indefinitely.

As you can see, we can catch glimpses of Jesus everywhere, even in our T.V. shows and books. Our bibles are the best place to start and continue learning about this person named Jesus, who loved (and still loves) us more than life itself! However, we must never forget that Jesus is everywhere…even in places we least expect Him!

Until Sunday,


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Horrors of Me

Horrors of Me

On this Resurrection Sunday, I have a story poem for you…

Saw me nestled in a tree’s corner

And asked my name

Told You that it’s ‘Guilty’ with a last name ‘Pain’

You raised a brow, asking

“Why such a grim name?”

Sir, I said, “You don’t know me and I don’t know you. So, I’ll be on my way.”

Touching my shoulder

As I turned to leave

You uttered, “I know more than you think you I do.”

To which I responded with


You don’t know all the wrongs I’ve done

Seventy times seven times

My bank of grace is overdrawn

My repository of love is overrun

Though I am speaking these words to you

Your brain couldn’t even comprehend

Nor ever believe

The horrors of me


Before You could counter

We heard a voice holler saying, “Guilty Pain” is due in court

“Hate to cut this conversation short, but sin’s sting is true and my debt, tonight is due.” I said scurrying off

Following the messenger to the Garden of Gethsemane,

I entered, ready to pay for my crimes.

“Guilty Pain, you will return with us to the King’s Court and hear your judgement, death is a possibility.” The scribe read

“Take me instead.” The inquiring stranger from the earlier conversation said, before continuing with, “and they will no longer be called ‘Guilty Pain’ but ‘Innocent Ease’.”

The inquiring stranger’s name is Jesus.

The above vision came to me this morning. I often find that my ability to grasp the bible and it’s miraculousness increases, when the Holy Spirit inserts me into the story and makes the pages come alive. No longer are those stories just ink on a paper and thousands of years old, but something that is personal and applicable to my life!

I pray that you will rise just as our Savior did, thousands of years ago. Jesus is our role model, big brother and trailblazer, if He could do it, so can we! Never forget that the blood of Jesus runs through your spiritual veins and that His unfailing love pumps constantly to and from your heart!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!


Until Thursday,