Horrors of Me

Horrors of Me

On this Resurrection Sunday, I have a story poem for you…

Saw me nestled in a tree’s corner

And asked my name

Told You that it’s ‘Guilty’ with a last name ‘Pain’

You raised a brow, asking

“Why such a grim name?”

Sir, I said, “You don’t know me and I don’t know you. So, I’ll be on my way.”

Touching my shoulder

As I turned to leave

You uttered, “I know more than you think you I do.”

To which I responded with


You don’t know all the wrongs I’ve done

Seventy times seven times

My bank of grace is overdrawn

My repository of love is overrun

Though I am speaking these words to you

Your brain couldn’t even comprehend

Nor ever believe

The horrors of me


Before You could counter

We heard a voice holler saying, “Guilty Pain” is due in court

“Hate to cut this conversation short, but sin’s sting is true and my debt, tonight is due.” I said scurrying off

Following the messenger to the Garden of Gethsemane,

I entered, ready to pay for my crimes.

“Guilty Pain, you will return with us to the King’s Court and hear your judgement, death is a possibility.” The scribe read

“Take me instead.” The inquiring stranger from the earlier conversation said, before continuing with, “and they will no longer be called ‘Guilty Pain’ but ‘Innocent Ease’.”

The inquiring stranger’s name is Jesus.

The above vision came to me this morning. I often find that my ability to grasp the bible and it’s miraculousness increases, when the Holy Spirit inserts me into the story and makes the pages come alive. No longer are those stories just ink on a paper and thousands of years old, but something that is personal and applicable to my life!

I pray that you will rise just as our Savior did, thousands of years ago. Jesus is our role model, big brother and trailblazer, if He could do it, so can we! Never forget that the blood of Jesus runs through your spiritual veins and that His unfailing love pumps constantly to and from your heart!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!


Until Thursday,


Beating Hearts

Beating Hearts.jpg

God laid this poem on my heart and I am just sharing it with you. I also have to credit my little sister for lending her superb drawing and penmanship skills!
This is not for any race, black or white
This is not for any socioeconomic status, rich or poor
This is not for any of the subgroup labels
That seek to divide
Tearing us apart
This is for all of those with beating hearts
Did Adam know that his failure to communicate with Eve would lead to the deaths of two men, one as a direct consequence, his son, Abel and the other as the antidote, his Savior, Jesus?
Did Christopher Columbus know that his alleged “discovery” would displace, destroy and devastate innocent Native Americans?
Did slave owners know that the erections of the house/field negro complexes and slave mentalities would reincarnate years after slavery’s end?
Did Hitler know that the ramifications of his despicable actions would be felt in waves for years to come?
Did Madalyn Murray O’Hair know that her personal crusade against Christianity would forever turn the tides of education?
Does Donald Trump know that he will forever be ingrained in history, his legacy hinging upon who is writing the textbooks?
Do you know that the power to change lies within you? Your prayers, for both enemies and friends. Your love, for both those deserving and undeserving. Your stance, unwavering for no one and nothing.
You see people have impacted the world in ways they could never have fathomed. They weren’t special bionic prodigies. Just ordinary, everyday people who whether for better or worse, rung the bell of effect, of which you and I are still reeling from the resulting, rippling sound waves.
Don’t tell me about the latest march or request for rights.
Don’t tell me what bill Congress is trying to pass.
Don’t tell me who the most humanitarian athlete of the year is.
Don’t tell me that the world is hopelessly broken.
Don’t tell me how your life is worthless, having no purpose.
Tell me who are praying for, enemies…strangers…loved ones?
Tell me which of your goals are going involve people you’ve never laid eyes on.
Tell me what the future looks like with you in it.
Tell me how you are going to impact the world for good.
Tell me why God picked you, planted you on this earth and continues to give Your heart another beat.
Until Sunday,




Whew…2018 really came in with a bang! I’ve been so busy, running around like that coyote who could never catch the Road Runner. Ironically, the opportunity to slow down did present itself today, when my initial plans fell through and in that unplanned quiet time, God laid this on my spirit.

It’s being okay with pages left unread in a book.

It’s finding solace in the quiet moments.

It’s cherishing those who love you most, even when they have a “funny” way of showing it.

It’s relinquishing the need to control every aspect of your life.

Late for a class because of a previous class? Accidentally ordered the wrong thing online? Misread a recipe? Forgot to turn off the lights before leaving?

Yeah, you’re human.

It’s not getting complacently comfortable in life but being consistently grateful.

You don’t have to take the entire world all in one day, just a municipality a day.

Some will be large and easy, others will be small and hard.

Whatever the size or challenge, you’ll rise up to it!

It’s loving the bit of cellulite on your arms, when it calls attention to itself in the gym mirrors .

It’s sitting alone to the outside world, but in actuality sitting with your true friends, Jesus and your angels.

It’s saying, “Thank God, you’re the final editor on my life’s story and not me!”, when you make mistakes.

It’s picking yourself up when you fall and thinking, “I’m blessed to be able to move on my own.”


It’s having nothing but everything you’ve ever wanted in life

It’s having perfect peace during life’s roaring sea

It’s surety of your due season

It’s seeing yourself and announcing “I love me!”

God is enamored with you, irregardless of who you are, and where you are (and even where you have been), so much that He sent a invaluable jewel in your place!

Until Sunday,



With You

With You

Since we had story time Thursday, I suppose God thought it would only seem appropriate to have poetry time Sunday. The backstory to this poem is not important as what it means to me, will probably not mean the same to you. I hope you enjoy it…

With You


Like two people reading from opposites ends of a book

Like two people rowing in counteracting directions

Neither willing to sacrifice

So am I

When I am control of my life


As the author of my own story

I fail miserably at writing

Nothing makes sense.


As the captain of my own ship

I come up short constantly in navigating life

Nothing makes sense.


I am not the editor of my life’s novel

I am not the planner of my life’s voyage

And when I act as if I am

Nothing make sense

Words are incoherent

And nothing moves

Destinations are indecipherable


Nothing makes sense and nothing moves.

God, You are the mental lubricant that makes words flow


Jesus, You are the physical lubricant that allow boats to go


With You, everything makes sense

And everything moves


Without You, there is nothing…


Until Thursday,



P.S. One of the scripture references used by my Pastor this morning was Acts 12:1-16 when Peter was delivered from death by the prayers of some devoted prayer warriors. Verse 11 in the King James Version, says, “…when Peter was come to himself, he said, Now I know of a SURETY, that the Lord hath sent his angel, and hath delivered me out of the hand of Herod, and from all the expectation of the people of the Jews.” What a confirmation from God!

It’s Your Choice To Stay

Its Your Choice To Stay.jpg

Happy 8 months to Anomalous Darlings and a huge thanks for all the continued support…it means the world!

In addition to journaling, blogging and various other styles of writing I find myself doing, I also write poetry. I got the love and gift of poetry from my mother and over the years, I have adopted it as my own muse. Up until now, I haven’t felt compelled to share my poetry. But, with God as you probably know, there always seems to be a first time for everything!

It’s Your Choice To Stay is what I call the two sister poems, Your Choice To Stay & Cycles, that were written almost a year apart, but feed off of each other.



Your Choice to Stay

It’s your choice to stay
And act like everything is okay

Life can only deal the cards
But you, you
Have the final part to play
In cultivating your destiny

It’s your choice to stay
And live like you have nothing to say

Situations may leave you numb
But you, you
Are equipped to overcome
And see the beauty of the sun

It’s your choice to stay
And pretend like life has you binded in a blinded daze

Complacency and measly satisfactory can slowly creep in
But you, you
Have a Divine Power living within
That completely breaks the chain of them

It’s your choice to stay
So when the time comes
What will you say?

To stay or to leave
It’s your choice to stay





They go round and round

Round and round

Taking you high 

And then throwing you down


You get up and say, “Never again”

Only to later find out

There is no end



No end for the faint in heart

Or those who see life as quick darts


But there is a way

For those who truly want to be free

Those who realize that freedom comes day by day 

Like The Heavenly Potter who carefully and consciously crafts His clay



They go round and round

Round and round

Taking you high 

And then throwing you down

But at noon’s day

The cycle only continues

If you choose to stay…


Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, the spacing for Cycles is off, so I apologize! Hopefully, you were able to enjoy and understand the poems. And since I believe that a) God speaks to us as individuals and b) there is never a right or wrong interpretation of poetry, I am going to leave your own personal analysis!

Until Thursday,