Have you ever thought about how you are only responsible for today? Not tomorrow or yesterday, but just today.

For me, worrying about the future stems from a “fear of missing out” on opportunities. For others, living two years ahead of time could be coping mechanisms for past shortcomings. Too far into the future is equally detrimental as being too immersed in the past.

The most important aspects of our lives cannot be seen. The life-sustaining system of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, that supplies our bodies with oxygen is at best, invisible. Although we see the product of blood coagulation that allows a wound to stop bleeding and begin healing, you will never be able to witness “Paramedic Platelets” rushing to scene of your gash.

Balances within our lives are just as intangible and vital. They keep us steady and stable! It involves setting those mental, emotional, physical, financial and/or academic boundaries that allow us to retain the peace that we rightly deserve to have (thanks to Jesus <3).

I asked myself the question below and have yet to have to conjure up an answer, maybe you will be more successful…

How can I pray for peace but allow peacelessness in my life?

Until Sunday,

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