“Be enthusiastic to serve the Lord, keeping your passion toward him boiling hot! Radiate with the glow of the Holy Spirit and let him fill you with excitement as you serve him. Let this hope burst forth within you, releasing a continual joy. Don’t give up in a time of trouble, but commune with God at all times.” -Romans 12:11-12

It can be arduous to keep a fire going, especially one sourced with wood. Can you imagine chopping down a tree, cutting up the wood into logs, lugging that wood back to your home and then finally putting it in the fireplace? Yet, all your labor and hard work would be incomparable to the warmth that you would feel from that fire!

We can approach our relationships with God as a fire, that cannot be contained but must be sustained. The worries, troubles and stresses of life can snuff out the flames, but it is our job, as fire keepers, to feed the fire with wood blocks of love, prayer, faith, joy and resilience. It’s not always easy maintaining the fierce love of God within our spirits, yet the comfort, security and protecting that it provides, is second to none.

What will I be doing this week? In the depths of soul, finding the pieces of myself that I’ve either taken back from God or never gave to Him in the first place. When you build a fire, you have to be all in, holding nothing back, just as Jesus did for you…  

Until Thursday,

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