I See Over

Today, I had a bird fly a few feet in front of me and land before taking off again and landing on a nearby pole. It was strange because wild birds typically don’t fly too close to living human beings…

I was about to chalk up to the frigid temperatures confusing the little birdie’s cerebral abilities when God said, “That little bird is representative of me. I go before you and see over everything that is up ahead.”

Psalm 121 in its complete entirety was written for you! On the cold days, hot days, crazy days and hectic days, you can be sure that God is standing watch over you. He is walking before you, clearing paths and then constantly preparing you for and protecting you from the things that He foresees from His Heavenly guard post!

You are not in this world alone, God is with you. In the wind that He controls. In the sun that He raises to shine. In the moon that He lays down to rest. In the organisms that He shelters and feeds. In the plants that He waters and prunes. In everywhere you go and everything you do, He is with you and He sees over…

Until Sunday,

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