“You can no more predict the path of the wind than you can explain how a child’s bones are formed in a mother’s womb. Even more, you will never understand the workings of the God who made all things.” Ecclesiastes 11:5 VOICE

Ecclesiastes, written by Solomon is essentially a book of all the wisdom that he’s learned from living and pursuing “meangingless” things in life.

Although, I have numerous questions for God, both inside and outside of the Bible, from why certain figures did xyz to how He created butterflies, I do wonder if those answers would be beyond my mental capacity and thus, meaningless. If we grasped the vastness of God in His totality, how would we utilize that understanding?

With knowledge comes power and responsibility. I suppose that Solomon discovered what God already knew when He created us, that human beings crave understanding yet lack the ability to fully comprehend and utilize it on their own!

Say God, answered any two questions that you asked and wrote down the entire story of your life, what would you do with that information and how would it affect your relationship with Him, moving forward?

Until Thursday

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