The Eighth Day

“When the eighth day arrived, the day of circumcision, the child was named Jesus, the name given by the angel before he was conceived.” – Luke 2:21 MSG

Fun fact: According to Luke’s account of our Savior’s Birth, he wasn’t called Jesus until after he was circumcised, eight days after being born. Maybe January 2 should be another holiday, celebrating Jesus’ naming?

The number eight according to is symbolic of new beginnings and creations. Although Jesus was born of a virgin, conceived supernaturally and the Son of God, he still had to go through the traditional practices of circumcision.

Celebrating our Savior’s Birth should always be the focal point of Christmas, but as we enter the New Year, we must also remember that Jesus was more than a swaddled baby. Before he even was able to talk and walk, he was already modeling how we should live. We too, have to undergo circumcisions just as Jesus did, constantly in our hearts and minds. And thanks to Jesus, we can undergo those painful and uncomfortable processes with God by our side.

How blessed are we to have a the gift of a Savior that we didn’t even ask for or deserve?! I pray that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Until Thursday,

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