Things that provoke unpleasant events and memories are…triggers. What are some of yours?

I’ll go first! Although I won’t explicitly name them, I have four triggers, that can quickly dampen my mood. This week I was triggered by all four and it felt as the reliving of painful memories and mistakes was unraveling me.

God laid on my heart to write down my four triggers and then think of four remedies to counter them. Satan only uses triggers in our lives in an attempt to cripple and depress us. It is hard to believe that God is still working in your life when a negative memory from months/years ago evokes emotions that make you feel as if nothing has changed. You’re a few years older with the same emotional baggage and then suddenly wondering if Jesus’ promise to help you unpack all that baggage is actually real.

I made the list one day and needed it the very next day! No, it didn’t erase the negative emotions or vindicate my feelings but it did do two important things: 

  1. Reminded me that Jesus is always there
  2. Returned control of my life and emotions to me

The more I live life I learn that God knew things wouldn’t be easy for us (thanks to Eve), yet all He asks is that we look to Him in those tough times and rely on His Grace.

Until Thursday,

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