a Child in You

As a child, my one wish in life was to “stay a baby forever”, because I never was too fond of the idea of growing up! Obviously, my wish wasn’t granted but I do believe that there are at least two ways to be a child in adult’s body…

  1. Learn a language or hobby: Trying to understand and gain fluency in Spanish, has been an interesting journey for me. However, when I remind myself that obtaining a new language or crochet pattern is like going back to Kindergarten again, it is expected of me to make mistakes and not be perfect.
  2. Lean into and on God: The pursuance of answers in this world is a fleeting, empty and an arduous experience. We were never created to be exposed to the weather elements and jungles of life, without His guidance and His reassurance. God wants to ensure that all His children are saved, checking to see that no one is left behind at the park or grocery store.

There is an immense amount of security that is afforded to children such as: no professional responsibilities, no financial problems and no pressure to plan. It seems like a sweet life, that fortunately for us doesn’t have to end on our 18th birthday but can still ring true when we turn 82!

         Despite your age/interests or current relationship with God, there is a child in you! Waiting to be released to make mistakes and explore this big and beautiful lens through the safety of God’s Hands.

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