The biggest challenge we face on earth? Straddling the two spheres of physicality and spirituality.

We are moving, breathing and living human beings whose lives are largely rooted in sight. Yet, we still have an inner man (or woman) that operates on the living waters of God, as oppose to the bottled water we consume for our bodies. It is juggling these two spheres that often cause us the most discomfort…

  • I want everyone to liked me, but for no fault of mine, sometimes their spirits war with mine.
  • When the odds are against me, my spirit says, “Try anyway, it’s already worked in your favor.”
  • Life often makes me feel worthless, but then my spirit counters that the Son of God didn’t die for worthless people.

So long as we occupy this earth we will always be bound to a physical body and a spiritual being living with us. Like good and evil, faith and fear, these two components of our lives will never sing the same song. At any given moment, our flesh and spirits are contentiously mingling with each other, creating a cacophonous melody. Just as we cannot serve two masters, Matthew 6:24, we too, cannot sing two clashing songs. For with every breath we take and move we make, we are faced with a choice of whose song to sing along to.

Until Sunday,


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