How do you deem someone or something to be worthy? How does your criteria of worthiness differ or mirror God’s?

Our human minds are carnal by birth but made spiritual by practice. It doesn’t take much effort for us to size up people and situations based upon how they look. It makes me wonder, if I can’t walk by faith in my own life, then how can I judge by character in someone else’s life?

Although vital, faith and our spiritual hearts are both still invisible to the naked eye. We can’t see or touch them, but must trust that they are being renewed daily in our lives. I have noticed that my perceptions of people expanded as I’ve placed more confidence in God’s Promises. Just as I wasn’t so quick to concede defeat in the face of a challenging situation, neither was I afraid to strike up conversation with the peer I pass every morning on my way to class.

Maybe the great fight of faith isn’t just for debt cancelation or supernatural healing, but also for loving others according to their inner self and accepting that outer adornments are fleeting.

“Eternal One (to Samuel): Take no notice of his looks or his height. He is not the one, for the Eternal One does not pay attention to what humans value. Humans only care about the external appearance, but the Eternal considers the inner character.” -1 Samuel 16:7 VOICE

Until Thursday,





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