Supernatural. The word truly does explain itself, anything that exceeds normality is simply supernatural.

You can pick any story in the bible and find supernatural applicabilities within it. Whether manna was falling from Heaven, Isaac coming from Sarah’s barren womb, David defeating Goliath or God raising Jesus from the dead (among many other miracles), once cannot describe God within the confines of man-made dictionary and words.

Supernatural means many things, but far from easy. Despite being completely tended to God himself and Moses, the children of Israel were still a piece of work. Sarah and Abraham schemed to ‘help’ God out, resulting in Ishmael, yet another piece of work. David went on to become King and prayed for a cleansing of his heart after his indiscretions. And as if the crucifixion wasn’t enough, Jesus still had to spend three days and three nights in hell, before rightfully retrieving the keys of death. These bible men and women didn’t see supernaturality in their lives because they were perfect or deserving, but because they were graced!

Grace is undeserved, indiscriminate and unconditional. God’s criteria of us couldn’t be more inclusive and forgiving. We miss blessings and favors by trying to reason why we shouldn’t deserve the grace needed to fulfill the supernatural calling on our lives. We make excuses, attempting to pass the batton of responsibility to anyone who is in your life.

Yet, it isn’t sustainable to carry on in that matter of self-condescension and inferior complexes. You have done nothing no more sinful than some of our bible family members that lived before us and God still managed to pen a story that centuries later, you and I are still reading. We all make mistakes, sometimes experiencing failure, but we rise again due to the supernatural power of love, grace and mercy from God!

Until Thursday.


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