In a moment of extreme spontaneity, I traded the powdered lemonade instructions for real lemonade instructions and learned two things. 1) Artificially processed lemons pale in taste comparison to using actual lemons and 2) raw lemons have a lot pulp when blended!

I question if marketing executives purposely advertise products with the general naivety of potential customers in mind? Honestly speaking, when they advertise that one can throw peeled fruits (small seeds and all) into their product and receive a silky drink, it is safe to assume that the pulp leftover in the bottom of a glass is just part of the fine print, that they hope will be too insignificant for customers to return it.

And often times, they’re right in their thinking, as pulp is seemingly insignificant. Yet, within the pulp is the true integrity of a fruit. Lemon juice is on the tongue for one second and gone another second later. Lemon pulp is on the other hand, must be chewed!

How much of us is juice…fleeting? How much of us is sludge…lasting?

A lesson and silver lining can be found in everything, even in advertisements with omissions! No wonder why God chose to surround us with so many creations…

Until Thursday,


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