Your heart is pumping faster than it ever has before and you’re flight response in absolute over drive. You’re running with no destination in mind or sight, except to your escape pursuers and just when it seems like you’re about to shake them, they seem to multiply. They are all persistent, feeding off each of other. A quick look over your left shoulder and you see the workout you missed last week, hoping for some comfort, you look to the right and BAM, there’s the email you were supposed to send today. Resolving to sprinting forward and not looking back, you make it a few more yards before feeling something around your feet. Oh no! It’s the family member who has the perception that you owe them the skin off your back. Digging a bit deeper, yet feeling weak, your sprint turns to a jog, as a few more feet pass by and another (wet) distraction thumps you in the head. Knock knock, the leaky faucet beckons to be fixed. Never one to quit, you keep moving, in spite of your jog that has now metamorphosed into a brisk walk. “On my 139th mile!”, gloats the one peer that breezes through everything in life with closed eyes and manicured fingers and toes.

Exhaustion finally sets in and your chasers now have exactly where they want you, vulnerable, hopeless and heavy-laden. Stumbling to your knees, it seems like the wolves will surely overtake you as darkness begins to set in. That is until a firm hand touches your shoulder. Lifting your eyes, you are blinded by a bright light. Opening your ears, you are startled by a voice saying, ““I am light to the world and those who embrace me will experience life-giving light, and they will never walk in darkness.” (John 8:12 TPT)

When Jesus invites you to let Him light up your lives, He is talking about more than opening doors and revealing paths to you. He is also referring to how you travel. Will you be burdened down, traveling like a lighthouse’s rotating beacon? Or will you be feathery, traveling like light* itself.

*Few things can travel faster than light, even time lags minutes behind…

Until Sunday,


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