490, that is what seventy times seven equals! Every single human being of the 7 billion (and counting) population deserve 490 chances of sincere forgiveness. I’m not even going to attempt that math. Matthew 18:21-22 often applies in the conversation about forgiving others, where we are commanded to forgive our brothers and sisters 490 times (each, respectively), but what if I said that is also how many times that God forgives you?

It doesn’t matter how many times you break that, “Lord, I’m never going to do this again promise.” God is still there to support and believe you, as He knows that one day you are going to be able to keep that promise.

Take the popular story of the girl who cried wolf. She was charging the air with negativity AND discrediting herself as an unreliable and dramatic fibber. Over and over, she lied saying that the wolf had come. Deeper and deeper, she continued digging her doom.

Every day, the words we speak are composing the contents of our lives. Every hour, our interactions with others are painting the picture of our future. Every minute, your inner conversations are shaping the silhouette of ourselves.

Personally, I believe that our friend in the wolf story was struggling with insecurities and things that she hadn’t forgiven herself for. And instead of dealing with those issues, she did what most of us are guilty of doing, which is projecting our inner misery onto those around us.

70 * 7= 490, goes both ways…outward & inner

Until Sunday,



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