Circular vs Rounded

Circular vs Rounded.jpg

Circles can be rounded, but not all rounded shapes are circles. Smooth out the edges of an rectangle and suddenly it too, is rounded!

Sticking with the rounded rectangle and circle shapes, let’s talk about drawing lines…

•Draw a line from any point on a circle and the circumference and radius will always remain consistent (so long as the circle is drawn correctly:)

•Draw a line from any point on a rounded rectangle and you will have a myriad of various line lengths as rectangles don’t have circumferences and radii.

Can you apply the concept of being circular or rounded to your personality and perception of life?

Circular people always think and act one way. The introduction of new information or a change in environment does little to alter the life of one, who is a circular thinker.

Although, I now consider myself to be a well-rounded person, that wasn’t always the case. Reading books (especially my Bible), experimenting with different foods, going to new places and lots of prayer have over the last few years, expanded my capacity to undergo various conformational changes. Those who have been with AD since October 2016, can attest to an evolution in even my writing as I no longer write in such rigidity!

“The sun comes up and the sun goes down, then does it again, and again – the same old round.” -Ecclesiastes 1:5 MSG

The sun’s inner workings and origins are still baffling scientists today, but if God wanted his children to operate in the same circular motion of rising and setting, He would have made us all suns. He didn’t create you to be a robotic, linear-thinking sphere of hot hydrogen and helium. He crafted you to be a human being, capable of expansion and unbounded growth…

Until Thursday,


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