Of the 1

Of the 1

Isn’t it interesting to see how God seems to speak louder in certain situations of life as oppose to others, or could it be that our ears are just more in tuned at that particular time? Either way, I just wanted to share this short little poem with you. I hope it touches your spirit and spearheads a more positive perception of yourself!

Of the 1

The very thing that 99 pass over
Will be the same thing that 1 adores
Who will you be, when it’s time to appraise yourself?
Of the 99, vainly adopting trends as an ID
Or of the 1, gladly embracing individuality

Filter your thoughts through this filter

Are the thoughts that I am thinking towards myself of the 99 or 1?
With or against the grain?

Do this and I promise you assessment of self will never be the same.

Until Sunday,


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