God Waits Too

God Waits Too.jpg

Do you want to hear something funny? I had a post written up and ready to go, concerning a real-life incident that connected to last Thursday’s post, Dandelion Plans, when God was like, ‘No, that’s a great reflective journal entry but I want you to talk about me on AD tonight!’ It will always be His Will over my own, so without further ado…

“Then Adonai answered me and said: “Write down the vision, make it plain on the tablets, so that the reader may run with it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time. It hastens to the end and will not fail. If it should be slow in coming, wait for it, for it will surely come—it will not delay.” -Habakkuk 2:2-3 TLV

While reading Habakkuk 2:2-3, did you notice the empathy and relatability that underlined God’s response to Habakkuk? He speaks as one who has had personal experience waiting as oppose to just talking in hypotheticals.

God, Himself knows more than anyone else, the true pain and beauty of waiting…

Did you know that God had to exercise patience while waiting for the vision to be fulfilled? The Bible was written by people who were sensitive to God’s voice and possessed yielding hearts. God knew what He wanted to say in the Bible from beginning to end, but he had to wait for those that He had appointed, to reach spiritual maturity so that they could effectively capture a glimpse of His personal thoughts for you and me to one day read.

God waited during the Bible days for prophets like Abraham, David and Jesus to come and carry out His vision. However, His waiting days are still not yet over, as He waits for the ripe time for you too, to execute His dreams.

Contrary to popular belief, God is extremely consumed with every detail of your life, as it is a pivotal component of His Heavenly Works!

Until Thursday,


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