Miracle You

Miracle You.jpg

God’s most spectacular miracle was not parting the Red Sea or even sending manna from Heaven, it was sending His only Son in exchange for someone who was irretrievably broken and sinful.

Sometimes, it is hard to see ourselves living a life where we are victorious over anxiety, temptation, unforgiveness and sin. Hard, however does not translate to impossible. It may be challenging or even uncomfortable, but if there is a will, then there is always a way.

Although, I understand that God is a spirit whose mind and thoughts will never be fully comprehensible to my carnal mind, I still find snippets of understanding when He humanizes Himself to me. He asked me, “Without my capacity to imagine things that I didn’t see, where would you and the creations of this world would be? I could only speak, what I first imagined.”

Looking back through journals and writings from my elementary days, reminds how vivid and undaunted my ability to dream was. That little girl could see beyond the starts and with Jesus’ restoring power, I feel her blossoming within me again. Let’s not forget that young boys have imaginations too! My brother was the unofficial official for NASCAR races as he pushed his Hot Wheels round and round his race track. So, fellas there is a dreamer within you, as well!

Keep dreaming unprecedented dreams and never give up on a miracle, even if the miracle is you…

Sweet dreams till Thursday,


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