Silent Thoughts

Silent Thoughts.jpg

Jesus knows the contents of your heart and even hears your silent thoughts…

Silent thoughts. The things that you think but don’t dare say to anyone. The emotions that you feel but can’t express fully. The faith that you carry but struggle to maintain. The love that you walk in but wrestle to gift to the underserving. Much like a chicken’s egg or an expectant mother, there are many things that occur in life without even a single jingle. However, it is only though that period of unrevealed supernaturalism that new life is ushered into existence.

Lately my silent thoughts have been pestering me more than usual. Their heightened presence in my life have made me feel as if I am losing the battle of my life. It is easy to fall into the trap of second guessing your prayers and confessions, as the manifestation of the promises remain pending.

“Feelings don’t change anything, decisions do!” -Holy Spirit

Your feelings of failure dissipate, when you decide to think victory. Your feelings of worthlessness melt away, when you decide to leave that place of mental self-suppression. Your feelings of inadequacy must take the next flight out of town when you decide to choose Jesus’ appraisal of you and not anyone else’s.

The thoughts will come, but it is our choice to adopt them as our truth. It is the blessing and miracles that lie on the other side of our silent thoughts that we must hold tight to!

Until Sunday,



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