The Simple Life

The Simple Life

Ponder a flower’s life for a moment. Sprouting from a seed that is activated by water in the soil. Pushing through the dirt and hummus of the soil to surpass the surface. Blooming slowly day by day into something spectacular.

It is not hard to find ourselves burdened by the cares, mistakes and imperfections of life. One by one, they attempt to snuffle out the life that God has breathed into our nostrils (Genesis 2:7), but Satan underestimates the blessings of being overwhelmed. Breathless and panting is a wonderful place to be, as we are fully available to receive His living waters of peace (Psalm 42:1).

If you’ve been running around like a robot, putting out fire after fire, take a load off and rest. Rest in Jesus’s love for you. Rest in God’s grace freely given to you. Rest and let His goodness flow to and through you. Life doesn’t have be complicated or tiring. Simplicity and serenity are found not down below, as we toil with the world but up above, as we dwell in the Word.

Where are you going to live, underground or above-ground?

Until Sunday,


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