Your Lenses

Your Lenses.jpg

What is the condition of your lenses, Cracked or pristine? How about the color, black or clear? And the biggest question of all: Can you find your lenses?

My dad and I are the only four-eyed people in our family. Unlike him, my glasses are typically on my face, so I typically have a general idea about where they are at. Locating my dad’s glasses on the other hand always warrants a reward, as they are normally in precarious places…hiding on the hood of a car…sliding off of the recycle bin…camouflaging with the kitchen counters. We never know where they might be!

You may not have physical lenses like my dad and I but accompanying your 20/20 vision is a pair of spiritual lenses. If you can’t seem to think a positive thought or rise above an emotional rut, chances are your spiritual lenses are either broken, blurred or lost.

Jesus had to put his UV lenses on to shade his spirit from the negativity of his disciples in Luke 9:12-17. His faith allowed him to visualize feeding a multitude of many with just five loaves and two fish. It was his water proof lenses that allowed him to surrender to God’s Will instead of his own in the Garden of Gethsemane, Matthew 26:39. Jesus even saw Lazarus with a pair unthinkable lenses as he called to the dead man, who miraculously became, the living man, John 11:38-43.

We all can agree that Jesus is a wonderful high priest and role model, who empathizes with us on all levels, Hebrews 4:14-16. If we want the peace, rest and faith that he had on earth in a living body just like ours, then we must do the things he did…

Happy lens cleaning!

Until Sunday,


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