Life’s Dressings


Apologies for missing Sunday’s post, as you probably know all too well, life can be, simply put…crazy 🙂

Dressings is one of those words that has multiple meanings, whether it be something you ingest, dress with, or dress on…

Rotten vegetables dressed in balsamic are still…rotten vegetables
Mean people dressed in designer clothes are still…mean people
Rough sleeping beds dressed in Egyptian cotton are still…rough sleeping beds

In the above scenarios, the inner never changed, despite how alluring the outer was. There are many different dressings in life, whether it be cars, houses, statuses –honor roll, most valuable player, employee of the year–, being a size 2, or even wearing designer clothes (think I covered everybody). Whatever your dressing of choice may be, it has no bounds on who you are as a person. If you have a genuine spirit with black credit cards, then you will still have that same genuine spirit with maxed out credit cards. At the end of the day, in God’s eyes, you are still the same person, even though the bank may beg to differ. Society (banks too) often see us through carnal and unforgiving lenses. There is no grace for messing up a presentation, making mishaps on a test, misreading a contract or even mistaking another car’s actions. However, with God, there is a continually renewed supply of grace bestowed upon us each and everyday. Grace goes further than gasoline, literally.

Recently, I had to come to grips with who I am, through the I AM, after a few of my dressings disintegrated! Who am I when the grades don’t come out right? Who am I when I grow tired of the good fight? Who am I when the scales triple? Who I am when my plans crumble? Who am I when everything that I see looks far from God’s work of art?

While I ponder these answers for myself, I ask the same question of you: who are you, when your life’s dressings fall apart?

Until Sunday,


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