The Unlovable

The Unlovable.jpg

Some people are just hard to please, tolerate and above Luke 6:31-34

"No, that's not right. Go the left."

Rower rows to the left.

"No, that's not right either. Only go to the left after every 5 rows.

Rower rows to the left after every 5 rows.

"I'm getting dizzy, only row to the left after every 15 rows."

Rower rows to the left after every 15 rows

"No, please row to the right. I'm getting seasick."

Upon disembarkment from the boat, one of the passengers said to the 
rower, "How did you deal with her?"

To which the rower responded, "I didn't, Christ did."

There’s a punchline to this story, I promise. Here it is: God is not a difficult or indecisive God. He’s unchanging, simple and patient. Which is why and how we are given grace to deal with people that aren’t. 

Sometimes, God has a good sense of humor and other times…not so much. In a way it is comical and practical that I am having to develop the abilities to love the unlovable and forgive others all in same year! Things that I have never had to deal with before. That is probably one of the coolest, craziest and sometimes chaotic part of life, although you know trouble is coming, you don’t always know how, when and even why?

Difficult people will come and go, but they will always remember how you treated them. I believe that everyone is conscious of how they treat people and how others react to them. Even the Grinch had a heart!

Everybody has their own boat to row. Their own shopping cart to push. Their own path to chart. From the outside looking in, their boat may look pristine, their shopping cart full and their paths enviable. But what lies under all the luxurious rafters, pretty packaging and bright blooms is an entirely different story.

As I am writing this, God has decided that He wanted to steal the show, so I am going to let Him go…

I’m not saying that how they treat you is okay. I’m not saying that their own personal issues justify their ways. I’m just saying that my grace gives you the ability to love them anyway.

Loving people is your life’s mission. Will it be accomplished?

Until Sunday,



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