Throne Room

Throne Room

Since my drawing skills is still a work in progress, I am going to stick to writing and try to put words to a vision I had! Oh and as a warning, this one is a little on the long side…

Life has left you broken and destitute both physically and emotionally. Your family has abandoned you and your tattered clothes are a stark reminder of just how unworthy of The Kings’ presence you are. But, at the end of your ropes, you reach the door of the Throne Room and swing it open with the little strength and faith you have left. As you enter you are completely taken a back by the serenity saturating  the atmosphere and then left gasping when you see pictures of you all around. Hanging from glass stained windows are pictures of you from various stages of your life. You, taking your first breath. You, as a beaming toddler. You, as a boisterous teen. You, as a busy adult. You’re amazed at how God has seemed to have kept a better record of your life than you have. Gathering yourself, you continue to make the trek to The King’s Throne, with streaks of blues, reds and purples accompanying your face from the stained glass windows. As if they were keyed in to your movements, angels suddenly break into a gloriously beautiful sound up above, in a balcony, that boasts calligraphic writing noting, “Where love and mercy reign forever…”. Your ears have never heard such delightful and delicate songs! The combination of their voices and the lyrics they sing is overwhelming, like a bright winter sun. Becoming accustomed to the stained glass and angels singing, your eyes wander a little below the balcony of belting angels to which a magnificent waterfall goes up and down, down and up, cycling water throughout the entire floor of the room. Water flows from the waterfall in swirls and is moved toward the top of the stair case pooling there, before trickling down the staircase landing and finding its way into the tiles of the floor, of which you now see water flowing underneath your feet but do not feel it. After observing everything and everybody else in the room, your eyes finally rest on two important people, whom you and everything you have seen could not exist without…The King and His Son. Seated at the right hand of His Father, Jesus gracefully gets up and walks to meet you on your walk to Him. He has tears in His eyes and as He comes closer He lifts a hand to steady your trembling body. And with his other hand he wipes the tears from your eyes with tissues that God gave Jesus before approaching you. All you can say is, “Jesus”, to which Jesus gives you a warm smile and says, “Yes, I am here.” God gives an order to the choir of angels and they begin singing another lovely tune. Jesus takes your hand and leads you back up the steps. He orders one of the angels to pull up a chair next to His for you and tells you to take your rightful place. “We’re so glad to have you here!”, Jesus exclaims.

Now, when we get to Heaven, the Throne Room may or may not look like what I have just described. And since I don’t know anybody who has been to Heaven and back that can confirm or deny my depiction of the Throne Room, I am going to stick with the fact that I’ve never seen anything like what I saw in my vision and that it had to be God drawing this magnificent portrait in my head.

And since all the lines are probably blurring together at this point from all the reading, I’ll spare you anymore discomfort and refrain copying and pasting Hebrews 4:14-16 on here! Thanks for reading till the end and hopefully, you were able to see as I saw…


Until Thursday,


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