Warnings from Heaven

Warnings from Heaven.JPG

Sometimes meteorologists do not have to announce that there is a 90% chance of rain, because the color of the sky and movement of the clouds tell us that we will need our rain gear. Whether from weather experts or the clouds themselves, we normally get a fair warning of what is to come!

Life, in my experience is a lot like the weather. We don’t always know what will happen from one day to the next, but thankfully we serve a God that does!

Recently, I have seen Him prepare my heart for challenging situations. Whether it was the huge final assignment I had to complete or the difficult people I encountered, God was not mum on the fact that challenges were coming my way. And when I was faced with what He had warned me about…I was prepared (as much as humanly possible)!

However, the biggest lesson that I have learned from those painful experiences is that, The Father, Son and The Holy Spirit, all serve different purposes in my life, when it pertains to trials:

  • The Father, warned me, as He saw what I could not.
  • The Son, comforted me, as He has went through the hardest trial of all.
  • The Holy Spirit, directed me, as He has supreme oversight.

I can’t think of anything else I would want or need in the midst of tribulations…warning✓…comfort✓…direction✓. God truly makes the way, leads the way, and provides provision throughout the entire way!

When we open our ears to hear God speak, we authorize Jesus and The Holy Spirit to assist and move in our favor. Trouble is going to come, but with God and His army on our sides, we already know the end…WE WIN!

Until Thursday,


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