The Little Things

The Little Things.JPG
The little things in life truly make the most difference. I was reminded of that a few weeks ago, when my wisdom tooth began aching. I never knew such a little tooth could cause so much pain!

Honestly, I tend to live my life from one big event to the next. Everything that happens in between those large moments in my life often fade to background noise. But in living life at 60mph, I bypass the fact that large moments are only possible because of a lot of little ones.

Take a day for example, with 24 hours, 1,140 minutes and 86,400 seconds. Not everyday is monumental, in fact I would argue that most days aren’t. Your average day consists of school/work, eating, sleeping and breathing oxygen. Nothing spectacular there…humanity has been doing that for centuries! But what is monumental are the little things, like a smile from a friendly stranger, or a newborn baby’s laugh. God gave us night and day, so we could always cherish the minuscule beauty in every day.

Even God, takes pleasure in the tiniest of details from the numbers of hairs on our head to how much food is in a hummingbird’s stomach. He is The God of Everything…big and small. Taking a few moments to admire God’s creation around me, often gives me peace even in the craziest and hardest situations of life.

So smell the roses, eat the cake, read the book and indulge in all the itty-bitty mundane aspects of life! Triumph and victory is already YOURS! Praying for peace and happiness in your life as you enjoy the little things in life.

Until Thursday,


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