Supposed to Be


“Supposed to Be”

I tell myself those three words a lot, especially when it relates to my appearance and the many expectations that I have for myself.

Earlier today, I wasn’t feeling well, and all I could think about was, “I am supposed to have AD done by a certain time! I have a test tomorrow that I am supposed to get a certain grade on!”. Instead of trying to rest and figure out what my body was telling me, I was ignoring it and in hindsight…making it worse.

But as I reflect on my life, and all my supposed to bes, dos etc., I cannot pinpoint where these standards came from. Who said AD has to be done by a certain time? Who said that I can’t make less than an A on a test? Who said I was a superwoman who can never get tired? Nobody, and come to think of it, I didn’t even read it in my Bible!

God revealed to me that my stress points are my supposed to bes, and they stress me out because they have no basis in Him. Instead of building my life off of The Word of God, I have allowed the world to set goals for me. Instead of trusting God for my future, I have neglected Deuteronomy and ran to society for advice. Instead of enjoying my life, I have allowed Hollywood, not God to influence my thinking.

Romans 12, reminds us to not be conformed by this world, but transformed. Transformed in all arenas of life from how we act and what we do, to things we say and how we handle the various situations that come our way.

I encourage you to look over the standards that you hold yourself to and examine your true motivations. Are you getting great grades and working hard because society says that is what you should do, or because God commands you to? Do you base your appearance off of what magazines say or what God says? Do people’s opinions and those around you influence your decisions more than The Bible?

And the list goes on and on. As Christians, we must always reevaluate life and our relationship with God. It is a journey of learning and growing! No one is perfect, but everyday we get a little bit closer, thanks to God’s mighty work.


Basically, I am talking about the root of your motivations. If it is in anything except God, it will never be satisfied and always leave you longing and lacking. Goals, standards and expectations are great tools that anyone who wants a fulfilling life cannot live without, but in those tools Christ must be at the center…always.

Until Thursday,


2 thoughts on “Supposed to Be

  1. hmc13 April 24, 2017 / 7:20 pm

    Yes, Viv! Yes! Thank you for your sharing your convictions.

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