Unmitigated Beauty


We often hear the legal term, “mitigating damages” when someone and/or their property has suffered a loss or injury. Although the goal is to make that person and/or their property whole again, we all know that some damages are permanent.

The little butterfly up above was met with an untimely end…in the grill of my Dad’s truck! The beautiful creature suffered a tremendous loss…his life. However, the first thing that came to my mind, was how vibrant the butterfly’s wings were, not his manner of death.

While looking at the butterfly, God revealed to me that He sees His Children, just as I saw that butterfly. In life, we experience many losses whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Failures, difficult people, tough times, mistakes and personal inadequacies can often decrease our personal sense of self worth. Like that butterfly, we sometimes find ourselves in dead situations.

But, our failures and people’s opinions don’t define us. Tough times are the strengthening of our faith. Mistakes are lessons learned. And personal inadequacies are made adequate with God. Where we are in life, and what we have done (or didn’t do) has no bounds on God’s love for us…nothing can separate us from Him, Romans 8:38!

Though that butterfly found himself in a precarious situation…it didn’t change how beautiful he was. We never have to mitigate damages, because God makes all things new and better than they were before. He loves us and despite our imperfections, He still calls us and sees us, as BEAUTIFUL.

You are loved, beautiful (or handsome), amazing and a Child of God. And thanks to Jesus, not even Satan himself can change that!

Until Sunday,


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