God and I have a rather interesting relationship with each other! I said, “This should go on AD today.”, and He said, “No, this should go on AD today.” Who I am to argue with The One who made me?

Our focus in life is critical to whether or not we have peace and joy in the mist of chaos. If you look for negativity and what you don’t have, then you will surely miss what you do have. Allowing our lives to become out of focus is probably the biggest and sneakiest joy stealer out there!

Imagine this…After years, tears and a whole lot of prayer, a family (family #1) finally achieves their dream of owning a house. The house is modest, but in a nice neighborhood with affordable payments, that allows for a comfortable lifestyle. Family #1 is so ecstatic and grateful for what God has blessed them with. However, their new neighbors, family #2, just sold their house as they are moving into a new house that is twice the size of their current one. Family #1’s enthusiasm about their new house wanes, in light of family #2’s new house.

What happened? Family #1 began to focus their blessing in perspective of someone else’s blessing (family #2) causing them to no longer be excited about their new home. Family #1 went from a dream of home ownership to a reality of home ownership, which in itself is a blessing, no matter how big or small the house may be.

We do this all time. You might be happy about getting a new car, or job promotion, until someone else gets a newer car and a bigger job promotion than you did. We can’t allow our blessings to be compared with others. The lives of He, She, and They are not measuring sticks for us to size up and wonder, “God, why isn’t my so and so, like that?”

When we focus on God and all that He has done for us, and not what He is doing for other people…everything falls right into focus.

Until Sunday,


2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. hmc13 March 31, 2017 / 12:23 pm

    So right! I’ve heard many times, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Thank you for sharing!

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