Life. A simple four letter word that looks different for every single 7 billion and counting person on this earth. Life encompasses so much that I could write about forever…but you probably wouldn’t want to read that much!

If you are reading this, then you are alive. You have life in your body, blood pumping through your veins and lungs that are taking in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide for your sake. Your body may not be perfect, but it is still working to keep you 6ft above ground.

I’m on Spring Break this week, and admittedly this week has not gone as I had planned it would. Things that shouldn’t have happened, happened and things that should have happened, didn’t. And when situations don’t occur as we please, we have two options: 1) dwell on it OR 2) move on from it. Either way, the situation is going to require an action from us.

I encourage you to embrace life today, because not everyone is able to. I encourage you to welcome the good, and reject the bad. I encourage you to know that in your deepest of hearts, that God isn’t deaf to your prayers or blind to your situation. His feet and hands are not bound…but busy working to bring great things into your life!

Until Sunday,


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