Don’t Get Comfortable


Night, like day comes and goes all the time. Chances are you don’t get comfortable in either one, as you know neither is permanent. No day or night has ever been the same…they are all different! Our walk with God is just like that. Our faith and trust in Him is always deepening and changing…nothing ever stays the exact same.

Starting Anomalous Darlings was a big move of faith and growth for me. Putting my thoughts on the internet for anyone to see and read, is something that a year ago I would have never imagined doing. However, looking back, I see that God was preparing me for that huge step.

Fast forward to today and I believe that God is again, pushing me to another level of expansion. You know the feeling of when you need to do something, but you put it off, because that is much easier to do that than to deal with it. I won’t go into all the details, but God has been pushing me to take more steps out of my comfort zone. It is apparent to me, that my future involves something that will require me to shed what is comfortable. If it didn’t, God would not be trying to prepare me for it now!

God is always elevating and pushing us to new heights. There are two reasons why we can’t get comfortable in any stage of life:

  1. This is not our home…Heaven is home! Earth is just an extended stay hotel we reside in, while we are passing through.
  2. God is always working in us, Philippians 1:6! We will never be “finished” until Jesus returns.

God has a plan for your life…greater than any you could ever imagine! He knows what He is doing, even when you don’t. Whatever God is pushing you to do, or go…DO IT! He is not a lead, then leave God, He is a lead and never leave God.

As we leave what is comfortable and let God lead, I pray that we will have the courage and faith that Abraham had when he left his father’s house en route to an unknown land, Hebrews 11:8.

Until Thursday,


2 thoughts on “Don’t Get Comfortable

  1. hmc13 March 6, 2017 / 1:51 pm

    So glad you’ve pursued this grand adventure!

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