Pruning Pains


Tulips and cherry blossoms are blooming…but it’s only February! I suppose we are not the only ones a little confused by the hot winter we are experiencing.

My personal favorite seasons are spring and fall. In spring, things are blossoming and in fall, things are dying, but both process are beautiful. We can look at our lives like seasons, in which there are some harsh winters, and scorching summers. Just like there are times of spring blooming and times of fall pruning. Through every season of life, God is with us, and He knows exactly what He is doing in our lives.

Personally in my life, I am experiencing a little bit of both spring and fall! He is doing a lot of pruning while also nurturing me as I blossom. Seasons come and go, just like stages in life. Time never stops or forgets to hop onto the next chapter of life. We can trust that God will and can carry us through any and all of life’s seasons.

I don’t know what season or seasons you may be experiencing but I can promise that whether rain or sunshine, snow or drought…God is definitely bringing you out. You are His garden, and He is the Gardener, John 15. What Gardner doesn’t want their plants to be healthy, happy and prosperous?

Until Thursday,



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